When Life Falls Apart, What Else is Possible?

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Life did not turn out the way I thought it would. I thought my loved ones would be around forever, I’d have a house, garden, pets, financial security, a loving relationship, a strong steady career as a Clinical Forensic Psychologist and die happy, fulfilled and satisfied that I lived a good life. All of that happened, and then it dissolved. Impermanance became a common life theme. When Life Falls Apart, What Else is Possible?

By the time I was 21, seventeen of my loved ones had passed onto the other side. More have died of course, however I lost count. My house, garden and all its belongings were held hostage.and a team of negotiators showed up. They were stationed along the quiet neighbhourhood street trying to reclaim it all for me from the person who held it in a very threatening way.

This person was the man who vowed to love me forever and yet did not have the capacity to, and became abusive instead. This same person took my perfect credit rating and contributed to my decision to file for bankruptcy.

My studies toward being a Clinical Forensic Psychologist were halted by the death of my father. That was the most devestating loss of all. While I spent time trying to find safe shelter just after I left my husband, it became apparent that my beloved golden retrievers deserved better.

I made the ultimate sacrifice to give them to families that could help them thrive. I was fortunate to go back and visit them several months later and see how they were doing.  That too had been a devestating loss and I was absolutely heartbroken, even though I knew it was the most loving thing I could do. It warmed my heart to see that it was the perfect alignment for where they needed to be.

The good news is, I’m still alive, so life is not over yet! And I had to ask myself over and over again, “What else is possible?”.

when life falls apart, what else is possible?


Finding Clarity and Direction. What Else is Possible?

Sometimes when we are feeling lost we look all around to find which dirction to take. Looking to our past can reveal some clues. Beside us media, family, friends, schools, government and other external influences offer advice and often confusing messages.

Looking forward while in this state can seem scary, bewildering and certainly overrwhelming. Some nights I would wake up in a sweat unable to see anyway forward and unable to envision a future. For someone who is naturally ambitous, curious, enthusiastic and driven, it was quite frightening.

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Looking back and remembering that when I was 10 years old I started outlining content for a book I wanted to write. At that at the time I was going to call it, “When society determines your destiny”. It seemed like everyone had an opinion about how someone else should be living his/her life.

Looking back to when you were younger, what did you dream of doing or being?

Looking back along your path what themes do you notice in regard to the work and service you have done?

When Life Falls Apart Dream A New Dream And Discover What Else is Possible

As I grew up and evolved, I found clarity and direction by asking myself, “Where would I have the greatest impact?”. “What would make life more satisfying?”.

Thirty years after deciding to write a book, I realized what I really wanted was to show people how to embrace their power and create spiritual legacy. It became a journaling guide, leading one on the path of authentic empowerment.  “Embrace Your Power: A Healing Journal of Self-discovery” became it’s title and offers teachings, reflections, and prompts to dig deep within. You can learn more about it here.

Feedback on that book from several readers gave validation that through embracing my own power, I better support others on their life path.  As Ram Dass explained, “We are all just walking each other home”.

Never alone

We are all just walking each other home


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