Wake Up and Change the World Global Summit

June 27-29, 2023 

(Bonus live sessions June 26 and June 30)

 Empowering you to create positive change in your life, business, and in the world!

Inspirational Speakers and Thought Leaders from around the globe will share their personal stories of transformation, success, and social impact. Re-ignite your passion as they share their journeys, challenges faced, and strategies you can use to create a more meaningful life.


Discover practical tools, frameworks, and resources you can apply to your own life, initiatives and projects right away. You will find sessions on how you can strengthen your spirit, cultivate conscious leadership, and pioneer the future. Take a glimpse.

You’ll also get to network, collaborate, and engage in live discussions, experience life-enhancing and thought-provoking sessions throughout the summit. 



Wake Up and Change the World Global Summit features speakers from Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hungary, UK, and Sweden. Together We Impact. Sign up below.

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