Transform Stress into Ease and Empowerment




Is your life feeling hectic and stressful? Are you someone who tries to please everyone? Are you one of the many who feels responsible for everything ? People complain they have no time for themselves or even worse, feel ashamed and guilty if they do take a few minutes to themselves. 

I used to be like that, always the one on speed-dial to rescue people in crisis and solve the everyone’s problems. I took care of the house, dogs, husband, and errands, and most of the time I even did it with a smile. I found that the lack of appreciation and need for acknowledgement unnerving.

One day when I was feeling as if in emotional paralysis and exhausted, I realized no one was there for me. No one was tending to me while I was ill. They still expected everything to be exactly as it always was and had this expectation that I could handle it.

For someone who is normally enthusiastice and highly energetic I had to wonder, where had all my energy and vitality gone? My growing self awareness allowed me to see how resentful, hostile, and depressed I had become. This awareness fuelled me to start doing things differently.

When I ended up on a stress leave from work, it was then that I realized the world did not crumble without me. During that time I found a new support network, one that honoured me, and one person that even gave me permission to take care of myself. I learned that I was teaching people how to treat me, and I learned that being humble allowed the love and support I craved from all my “doing”.

Teaching people the tools that helped me became the new way I was going to “save the world”

I discovered ways to cultivate spiritual wellness and restore my well-being. Teaching people the tools that helped me became the new way I was going to “save the world”. I realized just how important it is to do the inner work, to become more resilient and be the light for others who are still living in darkness.

Now, years later I feel as if my life has completely transformed. I feel lighter, freer, and more at peace.

Journal now on how you would like to be experiencing your life. Then write how you are currently experiencing your life. Are there any gaps or room for improvements? What can you do to transform stress into more ease and empowerment?



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