How to Have All the Time in the World

all the time in the world

I was sitting in a local coffee shop when I saw a sign ahead of me about pre-ordering to “save time”. Immediately I thought, I’d rather “savour time”. This led to a whole reflection on how we perceive time. Of course, “saving time” has it’s appeal but how do you really save it? Where does it go? Is there some kind of time bank I don’t know about? For me, time exists only in the present moment and is the best place to experience it.


Savouring Time

Savouring time and being present in the moment is a return to the sacredness of time, space, and this life. There is beauty, wonder and joy that can be found in it. The emotions and feelings that arise becomes alive for us in that moment. New ideas that can inspire a future, or memories that come in from the past are also available in the here and now of the present moment.

When you have lost a loved one you come to realize all too well how precious moments can be. When someone you love and have a deep bond with leaves this plane of existence, can you go to that supposed “time bank” and use that time you saved? No, I think not. Time was only truly available in that moment.

time pressure

Time is a non-renewable resource. You can’t re-source time. However you can use it in the best way possible and make a conscious choice of how to use this precious resource while it’s available-now.

Alive and Well in the Present Moment

Approaching time with deep reverence you may encounter “Divine moments”. Those sacred turning points where you realize just how valuable time is. Thich Nhat Hahn achieved that in his lifetime and spent much of his life teaching others. He was and continues to be a role model for others to be present. As he was once quoted, “Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment, fully alive and fully aware”.

It may seem difficult to be in the present moment when you are feeling any host of negative emotions such as anger, fear, depression, or anxiety. These low level frequencies decrease your life force energy causing you to feel the heavy burden of suffering. Perhaps you are one who tends to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. This too can make it quite challenging to stay present in the moment.

While there is much suffering there is also beauty, love, and joyful moments that can co-exist with those heavy feelings. The key is to keep yourself centred, grounded and observe without attachment. Allow these feelings and emotions to ebb and flow and give yourself the full experience, so you can build the capacity to hold it all. And to release it.

Mindful Time Management

It’s also important to balance out how you give and receive time. In an interview with Certified Time Management Master Christoph Nauer he explains the pitfalls of being “busy” and how to make room for what’s most important in your life. And in the Seven Sacred Pauses Marcrina Weiderkehr explains, “Our days are frenetic- filled with activity. Although some of this is nourishing and replenishing, much of it is draining and numbing. All of this takes a toll on the soul.” She goes on to say, “I don’t have time” has become a frequent part of our dialogue and we find ourselves multitasking just to get through the day with a sense of accomplishment.”

So how can we begin to access power in the present moment, and when can we even find the time?

First, decide what is important for you NOW. When you are all action and no reflection, you’re just reacting to life and leaving no room to consider whether this is the life you want to be living. The good news is you can change that. Instead of being stuck in poverty consciousness, feeling like there is not enough time or even having no time, receive the 24 hours you’ve been given each day and decide on the best choices that will give you the feeling of deep life satisfaction and fulfillment. Sometimes you might even get “bonus minutes”. Those times in your day where you have to wait on something or someone. Spare time. Those extra few minutes. What will you do with that? For example, will you receive it as a “bonus” or will you resist it with anger, irritability or impatience?

Just Breathe

That Moment of Freedom

I’ve known people who embrace these moments, for example waiting for a red light to change to green so they can pause and breathe, change to a better radio station, or even meditate. People waiting at the doctor’s office may choose to read, write, or sit and think a bit. Others may make a call to a friend or family member. Still others will sit in anger feeling persecuted “having to wait”.  More people might try to do “one more thing” or squeeze in more work. You get to choose your own experiences. In other words, you get to respond to life, rather than react to it. And if you do enough observation and reflection, you may even realize you create it. Once you realize you’ve always had the power (flashback to Dorothy’s ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz), you will be able to experience the freedom that comes from that. And that freedom will make you think you have all the time in the world.

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