The Many Faces of Spirituality

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What does it mean to be spiritual? What thoughts or ideas come to mind when you think of “spirituality”?

I have found that allowing spirituality into your life leads to an increased sense of self-fulfillment, contentment, and a deep sense of belonging. Many spiritual practices include Divine inspiration and communication. 

In a spiritual life, you can appreciate a connection with a Higher Power, and tune into this source for increased well-being and empowerment. Living in this higher vibration keeps you centered in truth and in harmony with the natural laws, or universal flow as some may call it.

Some individuals think of themselves as spiritual when they participate in traditional, cultural or religious practices. Some of these practices may include; healing work, energy modalities, ceremonies, rituals, meditation and yoga practices, astrology, living in an ashram or monastery or other methods of creating and maintaining an ideal or pure life. It seems the goal of a spiritual life is to create a sacred reality and make daily activities holy.

Spirituality may also include belief in the supernatural or paranormal, having mystical or unexplained experiences, dream work, or mediumship. 

Some find it very “cool” to learn how to levitate and bend spoons, however is there really a sacred need for this? Does it contribute to spiritual wellness?

I had an experience a few years ago where I was trying to bend a spoon. I followed the directions I was given to have light come through my crown chakra, down my arm, and then bend the spoon. Before I do anything, I always ask that I receive energy and information for my highest good and highest healing. Several minutes went by and I could not bend the spoon. I then reflected on the idea that this is just simply not something that serves any purpose in my life that would be in my highest good, so then I asked that I be able to do it “just for fun”. I was then able to bend the spoon in less than a minute! I kept the spoon as a reminder of the power of intention (pictured above).

Spirituality does not always have to be so serious or complicated. It can be light and simple too. It may be simply tuning into the universal flow and directing that energy with pure intention. 

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