The Embodiment of Sensual Living

embodied sensuality

Do you somehow know deep down that there is more into life? Embodied sensuality helps you reclaim the passion and wonder you once had.

As a child I remember going out to explore. Much of it in nature looking up at the sun, moon, and stars, watching the leaves dance with a gentle breeze or the sun creating a spotlight on a particular beautiful scene. I used to walk over rocks, sit on hills, admire the tall trees, expansive fields and meadows. Being in awe of all the shapes and colours of wildflowers growing.

child wildflower

Spending my formative years in a major metropolitan city I saw many shapes and colours of people too as I would spend time “people watching” in a city centre. There, and later in my travels, I was able to observe and experience many cultural and sub-cultural traditions, festivals, rituals, creative and spiritual paths and immerse in new ways of thinking, believing, and being in the world.

There are so many ways to view and experience life. But, when life feels routine, mundane, or habitual, it’s easy to “forget” how expansive, wondrous and beautiful life can be. There’s a tendency to just walk by and miss those special nuances when we are distracted by conversations replaying in our head, phones and other devices, or our to-do lists for example. It gives us the illusion of connection when really we are just standing there on our own.

woman on cell phone

Our senses in many cases have become bogged down and overstimulated by noise, pollution, alerts, and notifications which interfere with our ability to slow down, notice, and use our multi-sensory abilities to connect and fully experience life on a grand scale. So much so, that we barely even notice what’s right in front of us, or fully process what someone is trying to say. We lose touch. We’ve become too disconnected. This can cause us to feel lost, overwhelmed and bewildered.


Embodied Sensuality

So how do we come back “home” and return to our senses? How do we re-attune our selves to our natural rhythm and the rhythm of nature and the cosmos? There’s a feminine and masculine energy within us and cosmic and universal forces that run through us. Having these energies in balance can support a more harmonious way of life. One way to accomplish this is through movement and through recognizing the wisdom of our bodies and the wisdom we have within us.

Accessing Your Innate Wisdom

Inner guidance is the way your innate wisdom guides you to make the right decisions to support your highest life path. But how do you know when it is your inner guidance talking?

Your inner guidance is always clear and positive. It acts as a wise parent as well as your biggest cheerleader moving you beyond limitations. When you hear “voices” that judge you, create self-doubt, confusion, or are based in fear, you can bet that is not coming from your inner guidance system!

Unleashing Your Body’s Wisdom

embodiment of sensual living

A while back I had the privilege of interviewing Adela Zemanova from Melbourne, Australia where we to delve into discussion around the wisdom of our body and power of the movement. We also talk about:

  • Overcoming the limitations of western medicine
  • How your body communicates
  • Embracing natural curiosity
  • The journey of pain into passion
  • Embodiment through dance
  • How movement heals and transforms
  • Activating deeper states of connection
  • Stepping into the unknown
  • Understanding feminine energy
feminine connection
Reconnect with your core essence

Adela shines with a radiance of empowered feminine energy, which is both her strength and her passion. Adela is Our Sacred Community’s host of Embodied Women’s Circle where she offers the path for you to reclaim your divine sensuality, step into your inner power and boldly experience the divine sensations the world offers. You can watch the interview here on YouTube.

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