Summit Gifts

free tribe membership
[For All-Access Passholders Only] A Sacred U Tribe Membership, gives you exclusive access to over 25 Special Interest Tribes covering Spirituality, Empowerment, Sacred Feminine, Business, and Metaphysical topics. Engage, Connect & Experience the power of community as you deepen your understanding, expand your network, and form lasting connections with kindred spirits. Embark on an enriching journey of self-discovery and spiritual evolution with Sacred U Tribe Membership.
Bigger picture intro
Free introduction to the Bigger Picture Series
Embrace your divine power, unlock the secrets of the universe, and create a life of joy and abundance as a Difference-Maker. Navigate the journey with ease with guidance from higher wisdom when you sign up for FREE Channeled Messages from Higher Wisdom.
membership diamond light
[For All-Access Passholders Only] Attention Difference-Makers! It's Time to Awaken Your Innate Wisdom & Activate Your Power so you can Elevate Your Evolution & Thrive in Flow • As a Diamond Light member, you'll receive virtual activations, attunements, and channeled messages that will guide you to quantum leaps in your personal and spiritual evolution. • Immerse yourself in live sessions filled with Diamond Light, a profound technology that harmonizes your energy and aligns you with your divine blueprint. • Access higher wisdom and learn to access your guidance, courage, and everything you need to move forward more powerfully and fearlessly on your highest path. By joining our community of like-minded souls, you'll gain access to a vast array of life-changing resources and experiences to confidently navigate your journey, with the wisdom, guidance, and support you need to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.
Inaya Oakroot
For All-Access Passholders- The e-book of Amazon #1 Best seller book: UNFOLDING, Awakening to your pure potential +Discovery Session +Meditation: A glimpse of Divine Duality.
Inaya Oakroot
Gift for All Attendees: I hour session to uncover your unique Divine Duality and your pure potential where you will also receive a 15 minute of soundhealing. + Audio Meditation "A glimpse of Divine Duality".
kelly wolf freebie
[For All-Access Passholders Only] Enjoy $50 off a 1 hour online reading and sound healing
Sally Mabelle
Confidential self-assessment. You will receive recommendations for developing your voice of leadership.
15-minute Roadblocks to Resources Clarity session. A practice in Accountability and Emptional Intelligence that trains your brain to move from roadblock to resource In 15 minutes. You will come out with an actionable M.A.P. (make a plan) to get you back on track.
Voice of Leadership Kickstart Program ($100 discount for All-Access Passholders only)
poetry gift
I started the Poetricity movement to leverage poetry to power transformation from within. We are already amazing, we just need reminding so we can live in the power of who we truly are. If you are committed to embracing all that you are and living beyond mind constructed limitations why not join us. We have some great gifts with which to welcome you: A sample copy of my book "DREAM - Manifest your path to joy, peace and contentment" - A poetry powered self-coaching tool for manifesting your destiny while supporting some wonderful charities. The "How To LEAD from Within guide" - Includes a free 45 minutes consultation to help design your own leadership manifesto Invitation to our monthly Poetricity Live events where we explore life transforming poetry.
space course from Frank
[For All-Access Passholders Only] Through years of study and application combining wisdom from mindfulness, neuroscience, and human psychology I created the "SPACE – For Your Brilliance" course, a quick, consistent, and effective way to help people gain clarity on what is going on and equip them with tools to overcome these mental blockages and unleash their creativity. When your mind starts working for you and not against you, it opens a new world of possibilities: • Confidence to try new and bold things that could create great impact • Clarity of mind to make better decision that leads to better outcomes • Feeling lighter and enjoying work more, leading to greater productivity • Much better health outcome because of reduced stress • Seeking more opportunities to contribute created by the mental space Using the wakeup code at checkout you can get access to the "SPACE – For Your Brilliance" course for only $49.50; a 90% discount amounting to saving of over $440 off
Roger Burnley
Consultation with Roger Burnley for All-Access Passholders Only (value $300) Roger Burnley is an intuitive empowerment coach, sage, mystic, and spiritual channel. He has been coaching for over 36 years, and his work is grounded in his personal and spiritual development journey. Roger brings his wealth of experience and knowledge to all of his work and is dedicated to helping others become their best version. Roger's coaching style is unique and personalized. He uses various tools and techniques to help clients tap into their intuition, connect with their inner wisdom, and achieve their goals. Roger believes that everyone has the power to create the life they desire, and he is committed to helping clients unlock their full potential.
Rob Dubin TEDx
Happiness, it's just outside your comfort zone. Rob Dubin's Video course and ebook.
Soul Goldprint
Imagine, accessing your own unique energetic blueprint that outlines how you were wired to give you access to more and help you create a greater impact ... Throughout this session, You will be guided through tools, strategies, and coaching to bring your vision, design, and SOUL's purpose to life, to open up greater access to more joy, freedom, and prosperity!
All-Access Passholders will receive a 15-minute Roadblocks to Resources Clarity session. A practice in Accountability and Emptional Intelligence that trains your brain to move from roadblock to resource In 15 minutes. You will come out with an actionable M.A.P. (make a plan) to get you back on track + Fix-Fit 30min . Deeper Dive into Clarity to see if we can FIX and if we Fit.
From Sophia Soul- eceive “The Exercise” for Free! It is a very powerful 30 minute audio meditation that helps guide you to the Inner Most Truth of who you really are.
Jarne Meditation
Love Expansion Meditation Available for All

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kim knight
5 levels of health care consciousness and you programHow your healthcare choices are a direct reflection of your beliefs and self-awareness. Many people are unaware that their choice of healthcare is directly connected with their level of consciousness. This program will show you: How your unconscious beliefs affect which healthcare options you know about or hear of How childhood, environmental and educational influences unconsciously program our mind and beliefs around healthcare How there may be many more healing options available to you than what you are currently aware of, which once your consciousness shifts, immediately and almost miraculously become available to you How as your consciousness expands, your choice of healthcare changes to reflect this new awareness How by expanding your repertoire of healthcare options you give yourself improved possibilities for taking care of your health and much more Includes: Detailed video lessons Downloadable mp3 audio files Downloadable pdf handouts 24/7 access 365 days a year all from Kim Knight
Endre Hoffman
ebook- HOW TO DISCOVER YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF FASTER THAN YOU EVER DREAMED POSSIBLE with the Doctor of Self-Worth This Ebook helps you with exercises to find new awareness about your true self, most importantly why or how you might sabotage your success and freedom. Endre shares some of his struggles and journey while giving you principles and tools for your breakout into a new version of you.
Endre Hoffman
For All-Access Passholders Only: One-hour breakthrough session with Endre Hoffman where you will become aware of some of your limiting ideas or beliefs about yourself. You will gain more clarity and start unlocking your potential as soon as possible.