Spiritual Transformation-Jennifer’s Story

jennifers story

I was brought through my spiritual transformation by the dissolution of my marriage. Of course this wasn’t the only transformational process I had been through.  However it was one that created a spiritual crisis leading to an awakening, opening me up to a “new dream”.

How did I know I was in spiritual crisis? Well I felt depressed, exhausted, could not envision any kind of future, experienced some suicidal ideation, lacked direction and focus, and felt empty. I had lost a connection to the “bigger picture” and felt separated from any form of higher power.

Digging Deep to Uncover the Truth

I began to step back and notice what was really going on. I realized I was being manipulated, taken for granted and dispirited. Overcompensating, I made it appear that everything was just fine and in fact lost sight of the truth. Where had all my energy and vitality gone?

figure feeling weighted down

On some level though I knew there had to be something more. My growing self-awareness allowed me to see how resentful, angry and hostile I had become. Perhaps it was my Soul that kept my inner light alive. Motivating me to find purpose, passion and meaning for my existence in the world during that time.

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