Signs of a Good Life

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The Signs of a Good Life: doing what you love, with the people you love, in a place you love. Another sign of a good life is when you can BE YOURSELF and be accepted as one who embodies their Truth. This emerges from accepting all of who you are. Being able to shine in your fullness and not just trying to project the “good parts”. It means sharing your vulnerabilities, flaws and other supposed “imperfections”. Yes, your shadow self needs to be brought into the light too! Otherwise you become fragmented, and pulled in many directions, or a direction away from where you actually intend to go.

Doing What You Love


What have you done today or yesterday that made you feel like you had Lots Of Vital Energy? Having trouble remembering? Or maybe you can recall, in which case I commend you! Start noticing today and the next few days when you are engaged in something you love to do.

Quite often you will find it doesn’t feel like “doing” at all! There’s a special kind of focus, attention, and at-oneness that comes from source energy and extends to what it is you are focused upon. In some cases it might be your breath or a yoga pose. The focus could also be on the sensations in your body or something you notice through one of your senses. In other cases this flow state may present during a creative endeavour.

It might be intentional, or it might be found in a more relaxed stated that emerges from a source of inspiration. Take note of what makes you feel love and vitality or helps you tap into that energy of oneness. Then make time and space to engage with that more. You can just start making a list of all the things that bring you joy and that you love to do, and notice how writing it down can even light you up!

Spending Time With The People You Love

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While spending time with others is all well and good, spending quality time with those you actually love leaves behind any sense of regret when they are not around to enjoy time with you anymore. It’s important to make time for those you really care about, in ways you can both/all appreciate. The stuff memories are made of:)

Spending time with yourself must not be taken for granted either. It too is an act of love, and one where if not taken, may lead to resentment of having to fulfill obligations to others rather than spending some time on your own tending to your needs for fulfillment.


Don’t waste too much time with people who don’t have the capacity to love and appreciate you where it becomes a self-sacrifice. This can dispirit you and dim your light. If spending time with them is unavoidable, make sure you spend time in ways that strengthen your spirit, outside of that relationship. Like, doing the things that light you up and being in healing places that soothe your soul. That could be with a healing practitioner, therapist’s office, place of worship, a spa, or out in nature for example.

Being in a Place You Love

Being in a place you love and that soothes and heals you, doesn’t have to be a physical location. It could just be the “place” you are at in your life. A time where you feel content and not in want or need of anything specific. Happy to just be, without feeling compelled to go somewhere to seek happiness. I remember hearing people talk about, “Going to Europe to find themselves”, when really you are here. It’s a matter of whether you feel satisfied, or need to create other conditions for deep life satisfaction to arise.

Going deep inside yourself, discovering the landscape there, can be very enlightening and offers an opportunity to become even more of who you are as you become more self-aware. Remember Self-Actualization is right there at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy!

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So there you have it, as long as you are doing what you love, with the people you love, in the place you love, life is good! Well, really when you can embrace all of what life has to offer, life can truly be amazing. It’s in accepting the full range of human experiences that make life rich with meaning. Live the life you love, and love the life you live.

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