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Guiding Light Leaders from around the globe to harness their higher purpose to create significant impact so they can make a meaningful difference in the lives they are here to serve.

Through one-day Sacred Leadership Journey experiences, Virtual Soul-development Courses, Connection Parties, Enlightened Wellness programs and Private Sessions, I help Spirit-driven Entrepreneurs experience focus, freedom and fulfillment using their innate gifts and implementing practices for passionate productivity and inspired impact.


Next Safe Step

Book your Illumination Call now to take the first step on your higher path of purpose and impact.

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Why Now?

  • You’ve tried many different healing modalities and coaching programs and still don’t feel sure

  • You quit your job or want to because it sucked the life out of you

  • You recognize there is “something more” you are being called to

  • There are gifts and messages you have to share and don’t know how or where quite yet

  • Your entrepreneurial spirit is screaming at you for more freedom and impact

  • You’re not getting enough return on your time and energy and it’s draining you

  • You want to feel confident, clear, ready and accepted for what you bring to the world

  •  You resonate with one of the quotes below

Mary Oliver Quote
Mark Twain quote

Soul Mentoring Packages are designed to cultivate resilience so you can stay connected to your purpose with passion and integrity.

These packages are available only if you want to:

  • Live peacefully and purposefully
  • You are willing to break free from all that is holding you back
  • You want to evolve spiritually and deepen your healing work
  • Experience more focus, freedom and personal fulfillment
  • Align with your life purpose and share your gifts
  • Make a difference for greater influence and impact
If you are purpose-driven or feeling called to follow your soul’s calling then check on the current packages below for these Soul-guided Sessions.
Please note they ARE NOT meant for those looking for the next shiny object.
private sessions

Soul-guided Sessions


These sessions can take any of the paths indicated on the left and are designed to facilitate healing and self-empowerment through inspiration, support and spiritual wellness strategies to guide you on your self-realization journey. 


What will it cost?

Nothing! (For your first Illumination call). There are always options and I’ll share the possibilities of our investment with each other.


*Illumination call is offered at no cost and with no obligation. Book Here.

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