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soul care guide

Wouldn’t it be nice to find some solace in your everyday life?  This e-book is now available for you to download at no cost. It’s a gift that keeps on giving when you allow yourself to practice the suggestions offered to tend to the needs of your soul and allow for gentle re-calibration.

It also goes into the differences between self-care and soul care, and how you can regenerate and re-align with what’s really important. Get the Guide


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Living with passion and purpose is conscious living aligned with your true values, passions and interests… If that sounds like something you want to be in alignment with, this guide will help lead the way. Guide to Living with Passion and Purpose Use this free guide to: Set Boundaries for a Life of Balance; Harness the Power of Purpose and Feel the Passion That Drives Your Mission to Make a Difference. Get it HERE


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Do you experience periods where you question your life and direction? Do we really only have ONE purpose?

In under an hour, you will gain insight into what is important now, the art of proper timing, and recognize what might trip you up.

This masterclass will teach you how to move forward and step more fully onto your path, even if you don’t know which direction you want to go. It will take you through a cycle of transformation you can move through at your own pace.

It also explains what Thought Leaders, Visionaries, and High Achievers all have in common, the challenges they face, and what to do to resolve those issues.

You will also discover how to:

  • Activate your soul’s calling
  • Discover your True Passion
  • Embrace your power as a Changemaker and create your future
  • Discern what is right for YOU
  • Elevate your self-worth
  • Centre yourself

Let the insights shared in this video class guide you to finding clarity, direction and purpose so you can make better choices moving forward.  Sign up here to gain immediate access.

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Want to learn the secrets to massive success? My friend Robert Butwin has created a VAULT containing books, strategies, and other bonuses that will support you in all you need to know to get to where you want to go. If you decide to purchase the Vault, you’ll get any updates to it for FREE! And while Robert is selling this for $497 USD, I’ll give you $200 OFF with the coupon automatically added when you check out. Check out Robert’s personal message about this offer.

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Do you desire a way to live your deeper purpose in a way that allows you to make a living doing what you love?

This guided meditation from my friend Daniel John Hanneman will help you get there …

Download the meditation for FREE here. 

JV Directory- The ultimate source of Soul Alliances to grow your business and support your mission

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