Reignite Your Spark: Embracing Life’s Infinite Possibilities

re-ignite your spark

Once upon a time you may have thought you were living the dream. It might have been a relationship that felt expansive, loving and made you giddy. Maybe it was a home that when you walked in knew it was the right one. Maybe it was when you landed that first job out of college or university and couldn’t wait to tell everyone and spend your first paycheck. They say there’s a honeymoon period.

That might make you think that staying in a place, job, relationship “forever” is normal, even after those initial feelings fade away and you realize it’s just not making you happy anymore. And still you remain hopeful that things will get better or back to how they were in the beginning.

Tolerating things for now, settled into a routine that even on some days may feel unbearable, mostly thinking it’s really not so bad. Until things start feeling heavy, draining you of your vitality and find yourself just going through the motions, not really caring enough to dream anymore. It becomes a habit, this daily grind, and one that just seems to take over our life, rather than add to it in a meaningful way.

Would you like to be able to experience some joy again? Or have you succumbed to the fact that, “It is what it is”?

Reignite Your Spark: Embracing Life’s Infinite Possibilities

It’s easy to become disillusioned once we get comfortable in our daily routines and then get so lazy or complacent about it that we find it hard to rise above the mundane. Stop settling and restore your vitality to come back to life. What would it be like to feel “alive and well” again? In Come Back to Life I wrote about ways to not get trapped and to reawaken your zest for life.

I like this quote from Mother Teresa, “It may be dark because we’re searching in places that no longer give us light.” It encourages self-reflection and reassess our priorities, goals, and sources of happiness. It’s essential to continue to evolve and explore new paths or sources of light. In other words what is important and meaningful now and gives a clear sense of purpose. This could lead to fulfillment and deeper life satisfaction. Maybe there is still a part of you that is searching. Searching for that, “something more” that you know life can offer you and you just haven’t discovered what that is yet.

re-imagine future

What Else is Possible?

While some aspects of your life may be draining you, low energy also speaks of unborn potential. Your life isn’t over yet. You get to decide how you will resume this human life this moment forward. What would you like to still do? Is there anywhere you’d like to travel to, explore or experience? Go deep, things are not always what they seem at the surface. What are you still yearning for? How would you like to express who you’ve become or is still becoming? Jot down a few things that come to mind.  Once you do you’ve nudged your imagination enough. Now your creative mind will continue on it’s own. Let it give you more ideas and inspiration in the days to come!

I’d love for you to comment on what inspires you and what you still hope for or dream about for your life. Maybe it will inspires others to share too!

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