Regain Equilibrium

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Wait. Where I am? How did I get here?

Have you ever been driving on autopilot and suddenly you notice you are not where you thought you’d be? A moment of panic comes up as you no longer recognize your surroundings and feel a bit lost and unsure where you are and how you got there. For a moment you have no idea where you need to go next to get back on track. Has that ever happened to you? The same thing can happen as you go through life and that moment you “wake up” and realize you are not where you expected to be, or even on the right road to get there, is also the moment you can decide what direction you intentionally want to go. Regain your equilibrium.

That moment, can be stretched out for a chance to integrate all that’s been happening in your life up to this point and tune into your PGS (personal guidance system) and unplug from the GPS (global positioning system). It’s in that transition space you decide whether to keep going in that direction, or turn around and get back on course. It gives you a chance to S.T.O.P.- Steady yourself. Think. Open to what’s available. Proceed.

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Maybe It Is All An Illusion

Your attitude, outlook and beliefs come into play here too. You could blame not enough road signs, malfunctioning GPS, but in reality you are still the one driving the car. In other words, no matter what is going on around you, you are ultimately responsible for the decisions you make and where it ends up taking you. If your humour quotient is up you might even laugh about it, or call it an adventure!

Sometimes we make mistakes and mis-place our power. What we learn and how we use what we learn from the lesson teaches us resilience. Personal strength builds so we can meet those challenges and make positive choices. Instead of panic and fear, we begin to face life with courage and fortitude. Never beat yourself up for making mistakes and getting off course, it’s merely a check in point to assess whether you are moving in the direction you were meant to be going.

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Regain Your Equilibrium

After any kind of change or learning experience, there’s integration. It’s best to surrender to this and allow yourself a chance to regain equilibrium. Recognize the human need for balance and release ego’s need to be “superhuman” and right all the time. Drop judgments and you will lighten up. Take some time to decide or re-commit to your end game or destination. Quick fixes do not support long-term goals. How are you embodying this life?

Check in with how you feel instead of reacting from old beliefs and fears. When you feel uptight and constricted, embrace flexibility to expand beyond your normal limits. Create some breathing space to allow the healing process, understand the life lessons, and integrate your growth. Here you can begin to accept life with grace and digest life with more ease. How can you appreciate life more?

What Trajectory Are You On?

There is a choice to see all your life experiences as opportunities or all as challenges. What if you could integrate both? Allow for the full experience of life where new perspectives are possible.

Examining your beliefs can draw awareness to what is holding you back, and what is propelling you forward.

You don’t need every part of your journey figured out, however it’s nice to have some sort of idea of where you want to be, what you want to be doing once you get there, and how you would feel once you arrived. This will help guide you on your path.

You Have All The Answers

Along the way, it’s helpful to practice patience and learn the art of proper timing. You can always correct your course, try a new way, take a scenic route, or one that is more direct. It’s all up to you and you can come to rely more on your personal guidance system the more you trust that you have all the answers inside of you already.

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