Radical Self-Acceptance: Unveiling Your True Potential


Why do we need radical self-acceptance? We are driven. And sometimes we run out of gas. We panic, wondering if something’s wrong with us. Not understanding why we can’t function the way we used to. Perhaps you’re all washed up. Perhaps there is something you can improve about yourself. WRONG!

Self-acceptance Not Self-Improvement

What it really comes down to is how you feel about yourself. What you tell yourself. How much attention you give yourself. Nourishing yourself raises your confidence and capacity to continue on the journey of self-realization. This isn’t about self-improvement though. Sure some things about your habits and behaviours can be improved. It can be a fun challenge to do better than you have ever done before. Life is all about evolving and soul growth.

Unfortunately though, we tend to take things so personally that we end up thinking it’s us that needs improving. Your True Self is pure and perfect. Accepting that is where it gets a little tricky.

Improving yourself, your habits and behaviours so you can be as good or even better than others is only going to lead to mental anguish and perhaps only short term gain. Personal growth and development on the other hand can lead you on the path of self-actualization. The realization that you are perfect and pure. I’ve encountered many people afraid of the journey of self-discovery. Afraid of what they may find when the look within. Too often people seek people outside of themselves to validate who they are. That they are worthy of being loved. Usually, this doesn’t turn out too well and leads to heartbreak.

Embracing the Journey of Self-Discovery

Self-acceptance brings peace and contentment that there is nothing you actually have to do to prove yourself. It allows you to be who you truly are. You get to meet yourself where you are at and align your human nature and spiritual being to walk your path with integrity. So what would nourish self-acceptance?

A while back I wrote a blog post on soul care as an act of self-love. Soul care is own way we come back into harmony with ourselves and accept that we need nourishment to grow and blossom into a full expression of who we came here to be. The blossoming naturally occurs when we nourish what is inside of us ready to emerge, grow, and develop. Self-love is another way to cultivate self-acceptance.

Love, when seen as an acronym for “Lots Of Vital Energy”, is a nice re-frame of how to engage and elevate through self-love. How you nourish yourself through doing what you love will naturally bring you lots of vital energy. This will feel a lot different than the hard-driven need to prove yourself to others (it’s fine to prove yourself to yourself so you can grow more confident in what you know you’re capable of). This will feel a lot different than the heavy, depressing feelings that come from telling yourself you’re not good enough. It will feel lighter, freer and you’ll experience more peace within yourself. In fact, you’ll start seeing that mirrored in your life as well!

The Inner Work of Ascension

What if instead, you approached the inner work of ascension with curiosity rather than fear? Curious to see what you may discover about yourself that you may have overlooked before or took from granted in the past. I wrote some great journalling prompts in the book, “Embrace Your Power: A Healing Journal of Self-Discovery” that may support you in this pilgrimage within. It’s available through Amazon and Vervante Bookstore online. If you’re looking for some guidance and support you can book an Inner Light Activation session so you can start invoking your inner resourcefulness to live the live you truly deserve and be able to free your spirit to direct your life.

Of course, in the end you don’t have to do anything other than recognize you are the person you are becoming. Can you accept that?

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