Want to know what to expect after a session, class or working through the book? Have a look at what people have shared.

Profound Insights

happy client

Jennifer has definitely found her purpose! I have had numerous sessions with her and have had some profound insights while under her guidance. I’ll never forget my first time seeing her and how relaxed and focused I became. Thanks Jennifer!

Barb Zarnke

Healing and Reconnection

The family Reiki Drum Healing session assisting my me, my mother, and my brothers heal the grief of my father was truly amazing. It even helped strengthen the reconnection between my mom and my brothers! I’ve notice major healing and am so grateful for this experience. Thank you Jennifer, I love your energy, you are amazing!

Lindsay Parr

Uplifting Book

inspired reader

In just a 109 concise pages this wonderful, thought provoking book lives up to it’s title. Light enough to tote with you, yet heavy enough to delve deep into any blocks holding you back from your most authentic self. It truly is a Healing Journal to Self Discovery and inner healing when the reader becomes an active participant by journaling answers to very specific questions while at the same time taking to heart the inspiring quotes and affirmations.

Terri Clinton

Multidimensional Healer and Compassionate Soul


Jennifer Regular is such a compassionate soul! Just being in her presence, you can feel the care and love she exudes. We worked together at a Riverside Retreat to Inner Peace. She shared a visualization exercise that took everyone on a journey to their true selves along with sound healing. Jennifer has such a melodic voice and delivers all of her services with a healing intent and supreme care. I highly endorse Jennifer as a Multidimensional Healing Practitioner. She is a gift to anyone seeking healing.

Laurie Nevivn

Valuable Insights


I have had a number of sessions with Jennifer which I found to be both therapeutic and uplifting. These sessions cleared a number of emotional attitudes and beliefs I have held deep within my being that were inhibiting my connection with my truest desires. After each session she shared valuable insights that gave me concrete direction to immediately apply into my life. I can highly recommend her as a dedicated and compassionate healer. Thank you so much Jennifer! 

Gwenyth Luptak

Instantly Felt At Ease

happy client

Jennifer Regular is a natural when it comes to relating with others.  She is authentic, welcoming and you instantly feel at ease with her.  Jennifer brings education, personal experience and an innate talent together to empower others.  Jennifer pinpointed thoughts and feelings that no one else could have known and she gave me confidence by identifying personal traits that are extremely positive.  I will be a long-time client and colleague, and encourage anyone who is seeking to contact Jennifer.”- Jen Denys B.A., CHRP, CPC

Jen Denys

Gentle and Inspiring Teacher

Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart and soul. You are a gentle and inspiring teacher. I am so grateful that you were brought into my life. I look forward to a lifetime of learning and sharing the gifts you have awakened in me. My heart is full of love and bliss. Thank you for being YOU! 

Joy Hotte

Deep Shamanic Soul Support

I had a shamanic rock divination session with Jennifer and my experience was profound and moving. Jennifer held a beautiful witnessing space and guided me through the experience with wisdom, love and care. I really appreciated how she set up the ritual space beforehand, and let me know each of the steps so I knew exactly what to expect. The session gave me a deep and healing look into my psyche and brought up some important aspects of my journey for me to see much more clearly. I felt totally safe and trusting with Jennifer, and I highly recommend working with her if you’re feeling drawn.

Ronnie Gelman

Embrace Your Power

“Embrace Your Power” is a wonderful journey that you take with yourself. It is well written and asks just the right questions to make you examine your life now and where you would like it to be. It makes you examine what is important to you and helps you connect to your highest self to find the answers and set your goals to get there. It helps you to realize what has been preventing you from reaching them. “Embrace Your Power” will enlighten you and help you to find yourself. I recommend this journey to everyone! Thank you Jennifer Regular!

Shelley Heaslip

Tapped into Our Essence

Happy course participant

It was such a gift to share in that time with you (in Finding Solace onlne class). You message speaks through your eyes. I feel so much better after your presentation. I haven’t slept well for some time now, which is my usual for between seasons. So, I was feeling very fatigued. But, after listening to you, I feel peace. You truly connected with each person. You spoke so eloquently. I was touched at the raw emotion shared by your attendees. You message was clear. The beauty of stillness and rejuvenation, of feeling our feelings, the importance of soul care. You tapped into our essence. It is so fulfilling to see you living your truth.

Dianne Redmond

Understanding and Supportive


Jennifer is a connected, compassionate, communicator with profound wisdom and insight.

Premilla Pillay

A Great Fit

Jennifer’s guidance was informative, inspirational, as well as a great fit with the direction in my life. Feeling grateful.

Muireann Peters

Giant Leap into Joy!

happy client

Jennifer I was pleasantly surprised how much I learned in a couple of sessions with you. I have been in therapy for a couple of years and made a giant leap with you. Everything you have done for me has been exceptional to my new found strength.  I feel more joy than I have ever felt!

Brenda F.

Highly Recommended

happy client

I have been to a couple of Jennifer’s workshops and have had several sessions with her as well. She offers amazing opportunities for healing and insight and I would definitely recommend her for anyone seeking spiritual support

Christin Boyd

Powerful Teachings

I am grateful for Jennifer’s spiritual guidance and positive influence in my life and of those I love. My life of healing and recovery has been transformed into a calm way of living full of trust, love and gratitude. She has lifted me to a spiritual life beyond my wildest dreams to which I will be forever grateful to her and her gentle yet powerful teachings.

Shelly H.

Gifted and Trustworthy

I personally found this experience [drum healing] in particular to be beneficial as it provided me comfort and a sense of trust that all the changes happening for me right now are for the best and to keep going forward. It was a personal experience and Jennifer was excellent in facilitating the healing. She is gifted and trustworthy. 

Angela Ellis

Very Intuitive

Jennifer is VERY intuitive. She helped me find my own answers. My confidence was restored”.

Kathy S.

Deepened My Understanding of Who I Am

Over the past year of receiving monthly sessions from Jennifer amazing things have begun to release and shift that had once kept me stagnant from the spiritual depth I craved. Clearing the blocks created through a very troubled past through Integrated Energy Therapy® treatments have led to a great transition where I can honestly say that today my life is filled with deeper understanding and spiritual consciousness. With each treatment I journey further and deepen my understanding of who I truly am. If you are feeling stuck despite of all you try to do, I highly recommend Jennifer!

Jeff W.

Clear and Gentle Instruction

happy client

Jennifer has an excellent way of presenting information to make it interesting. She provides good examples and scenerios with clear gentle instruction.

Kim Morrison

I feel completely safe and calm during her sessions.


Jennifer quickly and intuitively gets to the heart of an issue. She offers insight and direction that simply makes sense. Jennifer is compassionate and I feel completely safe and calm during her sessions. She helps to clear pathways that will open doors to new opportunities and growth and gives suggestions that ensure those feelings stay with you.

Susan Regier

Passionately Committed To Enlightened Wellness


I attended a presentation by Jennifer and was impressed by the depth of her commitment to our wellness, our healing and transformation. She exudes caring, authenticity and integrity! 

Zensho Gabriel

Safe Sacred Space to Learn

happy client

I love that Jennifer creates a safe, sacred and relaxed atmosphere to learn, leaving room for discussion, while also keeping the class on track. I appreciate her teaching style and energy. Thank you Jennifer for this opportunity to heal and connect in a safe energy environment. I know that I will absorb and heal and this will be an integral part of my life.

Joy Hotte

Reconnect With Your Passions


Jennifer uses her incredible sense of intuition and calmness to assist her clients to refocus on their inner essence. By doing so, she assists you to free your spirit and reconnect with your passions. You’ll love the jolt of energy you have after experiencing one of  her Soul Star Clearing sessions!

Tammie Ross

I Can See Clearly Now

Thank you so much Jennifer! Your support has been extremely helpful, insightful and makes so much sense to me.I honestly cannot thank you enough for your expert opinion and helping me see through this with clearer eyes.Thank you beyond words!

Barbara Westgate

New Perspective

I would recommend to anybody who is suffering to pick up Jennifer book Embrace your Power; I was first introduced to this book by an article in the paper. So I did some research and found it was a healing journal; just what I had been looking for. I read the book through first; then I divided the book into sections and each morning after mediation I work in the journal. yes there were some questions I couldn’t answer. Jennifer inform me that it was most likely not my time to answer it; to move on and come back to it when I was ready. This journal has help me so much; it has given me a new prospective in life. And spiritually am continuing to work away at healing. I also love how you can go back to this journal anytime you feel the need. Thank You Jennifer for enlightening and guiding me through my journey.

Sue Wales

Safe and Nurturing

happy client

Jennifer’s innate wisdom and authenticity create a safe, nurturing environment to explore yourself within. Her gentle way and deep knowledge allows for a very personal internal healing and re-alignment to take place. I always leave my sessions with her feeling revitalized, with a clarity and a deep sense of knowing that I create my own path and that life will have a beautiful flow now.


Bija Repta

Earth Angel

All of Jennifer’s courses have brought me great results and have recommended her to my friends as well. She is very personable and caring person and has this healing karma in her face that is breathtaking. Jennifer is a walking angel on this earth.

Marion Hawco

Renewed My Spirit and Strengthened My Being

Jennifer helped renew my spirit and strengthened my being. She is vibrant healer and mentor committed to helping people manifest their desires. I recommend her to you without reservation

Kathi Phillips