Overcome Boredom So You Can Live a Fulfilling Life

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When you feel overwhelmed there is a tendency to resort back to old, familiar habits that soothe or numb out those excessive thoughts. Resorting to habitual ways of being puts you back to sleep. Energy lessens and you begin to become bored and listless. Feeling dis-empowered, unmotivated and just plain tired, you slip back into slumber. In this article we look at some ways to regain consciousness and overcome boredom. What does it take to live a happy and fulfilling life?

Regaining Consciousness

What would it take to stay awake? How can you maintain energy and momentum and thrive into elevated ways of being? The motivation to elevate consciousness can arise when you allow soul to lead and give your personality time to rest. Think of Soul, in this case, as Sending Out Universal Love. And “love” as Lots Of Vital Energy. This soul awakening takes you onto a higher path where you not only regain consciousness, you actually elevate it. Becoming aware that you are soul, awakens the possibility that you can handle more than personality (ego) thought capable. That you indeed have the capacity to move beyond any self-imposed limitations and create from the seeds of potential, rather than succumbing to the withering of your dreams and goals. What would it be like to have more freedom and fulfillment?

This renewal gives you a fresh start, a fresh perspective to live well and prosper. Overcome boredom to move in a direction that is life-affirming, nourishing and productive for you. Instantly this dissolves the pressurized state of trying to do it all until it becomes too much. Release what you don’t really what you want to be directing your time and energy toward anyway. 

Just Breathe

Room to Breathe

Bring back to life that which makes you feel alive and energized. Not to grasp at what brings momentary pleasure, rather to embrace the power you have to create the life you really want. One way to revive yourself is to breathe. Fully breathe, allowing a complete inhale and exhale with a bit of space or pause between breaths. Give yourself some time and space to breathe and figure out next steps. In a place of stillness, inspiration can come in and land and move you into inspired action. You overcome boredom, resource yourself and create conscious connection.

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Boredom makes you feel weary, apathetic and like a malaise. Life then feels tedious and maybe even monotonous. What feels missing or incomplete? What is the void you are trying to fill? 

When you are feeling overwhelmed you can simplify with “first things first”. That is, to come back to yourself after much external activity and output and get centred and grounded once again. Restore balance by managing your time, energy, and boundaries. Come back into harmony with yourself.

Life Edit

Decluttering your mind and the space around you helps eliminate energy drains, as does deciding that anything unaligned must go. This means, anything that doesn’t support the way you want to be living including people, places and things must be re-evaluated to see if it contributes to the life you want to be living as move forward. What is meaningful for you now? What are your current values? Prioritize your time and activities according to what is congruent with that. Decluttering and eliminating energy drains makes room for engaging in what you love, and frees up your energy.


Mindset and Mindfulness

So instead of approaching another day with dread or resistance, or merely going through the motions, shift your mindset into curiosity and wonder of what the day might bring. You might even set an intention that, “Something wonderful is going to happen today.” Shift your focus and reset your mind to what you want to attract and manifest. Be mindful of the present moment so you can fully live in the here and now. In this way, you begin to touch life deeply.

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