New Life Direction

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Have you ever felt life just wasn’t quite living up to your expectations? Perhaps there’s been a nagging feeling inside you of something that has yet to be born? That maybe there was something more, something that would bring more fulfillment and deeper life satisfaction? That’s a clue it’s now time to harness that power of purpose in a new life direction.

One exciting thought is that the, “Best is yet to come.” This kind of outlook shows trust that life keeps getting better, and is filled with optimism and wonder of what else is possible. It takes you out of hopelessness and gives some motivation for continuing to move forward. To me this saying also makes it feel like the “best” is still out of reach so I prefer to think that the “best is unfolding now”.

Your Life is Up for Renewal

Creating your best life means taking slow deliberate action to put you on the higher path to achieve the best possible outcome. Baby steps is all you need to take once inspiration hits.

Choosing, then feeling it out, steadies you for more balanced movement along your destined path. What would start giving you those feelings you wish to experience? Take that next safe step forward and nourish those feelings to grow them.

Perhaps most important for creating your best life is to be your best self. Authenticity is your superpower. Below are some ideas to get back in touch with your soul and reconnect with your whole being.


Best Practices for Self-Sustainability

Some practices to get you back in touch with your soul essence are connecting with nature, enjoying the silence, or singing into resonance with the feeling you want to be with.

Here are more ideas to inspire you to reconnect with yourself:

  • Engage in one of your favourite activities.

  • Cook yourself one of your favourite meals or try a new recipe.

  • Journal or write a letter to yourself.

  • Give yourself a massage.

  • Give yourself some credit for what you’ve already achieved by listing and acknowledging your accomplishments (include and big and small ones here).

  • Spend some time alone in solitude and connect with you life force energy.

  • Be open to receiving

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Experience more freedom when you no longer resist or struggle with expressing who you are and what you are truly about. Liberate yourself from the needs and expectations of others. Restore your sense of self so you can be yourself.

Coping With Change

Alll this may be very different from how you appeared to others in the past, or even how you identified in previous social networks, careers, or through your major in school. Don’t be afraid of being different. Perhaps you were born to stand out!

You may be experiencing some unease as you start to think about how life might be different. This is a good sign! It shows that you are ready to embark on something new, something more exciting. The same area of the brain is activated whether you are experiencing nervousness or excitement.  It all depends on how you want to think about it and label it.

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As we continue to shift into different ways of living and being in the world, you get to choose how you want to evolve. Some things will revolve if you resort to old patterns and mental templates, and other aspects such as occupations and relationships may dissolve. So as you look at your life consider- what is evolving, dissolving and revolving? What would you like to move forward?

Opening to New Possibilities

Acknowledge what no longer resonates and accept that there is more to experience. Allow yourself the opportunity to explore that.What would a new life direction look like for you? Start making conscious choices of how you want to be living your life. You carry the power to do that and all it takes is a willingness to embody your full potential and come to self-realization.  This power is the courage to step into the unknown.

In an interview I did with Intuitive Mentor Lisa DePamphilis we took a deep dive into this very topic and is available to watch on YouTube.

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“Tune in and take the next step”- Lisa DePamphilis, Intuitive Mentor

Lisa helps female entrepreneurs unveil their true gifts and clear core blocks that are keeping them from creating success. She guides her clients to come home to their truth, step into their infinite power & activate their SuperHuman manifesting abilities. As they embody their signature frequency, they open pathways, shift timelines and shine the light on their highest possibilities. In this episode of Wise Woman Wednesdays @awakenandascend Lisa shares how to confidently step into the unknown.

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