Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Regular (Loving Wolf Star) is a respected and inspiring Spiritual Wellness Leader focused on supporting people through their transitions and empowering this opportunity to awaken and activate the potential for a phenomenal life.  She is best known as a Transformational Author and Guide. By living as her soul intended, she inspires and empowers others to live with integrity, passion, and great reverence for life. 

 The spiritual crisis stemming from the dissolution of her highly dysfunctional marriage led to a spiritual awakening, a transformational process of opening up to a “new dream”.
A renewed sense of purpose emerged and she followed her calling to provide nourishing support to others, teaching them how to be both strong and vulnerable at the same time as they make their journey into authentic empowerment. 

Jennifer with her book, “Embrace Your Power-A Healing Journal of Self-Discovery”

Jennifer is known for her empathy, compassion, and calming peaceful presence. She helps you feel safe and nurtured as she gently guides you through deep transformation. She is dedicated to helping those who are struggling to cope with grief, break ups and career transitions to transform their lives, gathering more strength, meaning and purpose along the way.

Often we mentally want change yet emotionally fear it. I guide those that are ready to move into your essential truth through clearing mental and emotional blocks that keep you from reaching your full potential. Why not Book a Free Discovery Session today?

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