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Re-Membering Who I Am– In this video I share my story publically for the first time as Sophia Soul inteviewed me in the Shining Light on Our Community series offered by SacredU. This healing crisis brought on by the dissolution of my marriage led me into spiritual transformation and a realignment with my soul’s purpose.  Of course this wasn’t the only transformational process I had been through. However it was one that created a spiritual crisis leading to an awakening, opening me up to a “new dream”. It became a journey of self-love and trust in a higher power.


spiritual sovereignty

In this lively conversation on Wisdom Talk Radio I got to speak with Laurie Seymour of the Baca Institute who invited me to share about spiritual sovereignty. If you’ve been wondering about your divine destiny, you’ll discover ways to step into that and refocus on your inner essence to align with your Soul Calling. Listen



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Being pushed and pulled in every direction severely impacts your well-being.In this panel discussion, we explore what it means to Find Our Flow, and how to STAY in the flow when the world is always so busy changing around us. Watch now.


Daniel Hanneman had me on his Spiritual Rockstar Podcast and putting me in the spotlight for one of his energy scans. Watch below as we get real about soul purpose (and how that’s different from life purpose), why I’m so passionate about the work I do, what holds me back, and the breakthrough moment.

What’s the Difference Between Self-Care and Soul-Care? Watch this video to find out!

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