Living With Integrity

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Are you living with integrity? When you are living in integrity you are living in your highest truth. In other words, there is no part of you that is hidden and you shine in the fullness of who you are. You get to be unapologetically you. An honest, kind, respectable and trustworthy person who says what they mean and is guided by their strongest values.


Have you ever been afraid to show a part of yourself to a family member, friend, partner or colleague because you were afraid of what they would think of you or how they would judge you? It’s not uncommon to present a certain image in an effort to impress someone or appear in the best light. Of course we want people to think highly of us, or at least not hate us or get the wrong impression.

Truth as Protection

The interesting thing is, if you are truly being yourself then that truth is your protection. There is no other way you could be, unless you were being inauthentic. There is no way to control what people actually think of you, and not everyone is going to see you the same way. If fact, it might be worthwhile to accept the fact that you are not for everyone. Just like there will be people you resonate with, and those you don’t.

It’s more important at the end of the day, that you are true to yourself. Because when you move outside of yourself, you become less of yourself, and it degrades your self-worth. When you value the opinions of others more than you value yourself, you move out of integrity and into living for others. It dispirits you.

Keep Your Spirit Intact

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Instead, be guided by your principles and beliefs and trust that they mean something. That they matter, whether someone else agrees with you or not. By following your inner guidance, you are led on a higher path that goes beyond reputation. You live according to what feeds your soul and elevates your state of being. This supports you in keeping your spirit intact.

From this higher state of being you perceive the world as kind, accepting and in harmony with truth, rather than a place of judgment and duality. You create the possibility of mutual love and understanding as you begin to appreciate differences and learn from new perspectives.

Align Your Values

What are your top 3 values? How are you living your life in accordance to that? Perhaps this is something you haven’t considered in a while and may be up for review. Mindtools has a great article for reflection on your values.

Once you have determined your top 3, you can start prioritizing the way you spend your time and energy to reflect these values. You may even wish to create some guiding principles around these that allow for more intentional living and conscious choices.

It gives you a better sense of what to allow into your life, and what to set boundaries around. Saying, “Yes” when you meant yes and saying, “No” when you mean no is another path to living with integrity. Being able to say what you mean and express your thoughts is how to empower yourself and elevate your self-esteem. In this way, instead of creating walls, boundaries create freedom.

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You remain in a state of wholeness rather than being pulled in many directions that threaten to tear you apart. Support yourself in your authenticity and others will respect you even more.

Be You

Living with integrity means you are in coherence with your values and living up to them. You can keep promises to yourself and to others when you are living in this truth.

Honour yourself by expressing who you truly are, not just the parts of you you wish others to see. That’s living with integrity.

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