Living a Life of Your Own Creation

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Living a Life of Your Own Creation


How can you step into living a happy, peaceful and joy-filled life? What would it take to create deeper satisfaction?

Consider what aligns you with what you are most about now. Notice what this means and looks like in all areas of your life. This may include relationships, your sense of self, work/business/career, family, leisure, and more.

You may not feel like the same person anymore. Others may expect you to stay the same, or the way they remembered you and connecting with them again may feel uncomfortable because maybe you’ve changed.

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When you or others change, the dynamics in the relationship also change. Sometimes for the better, other times relating with each other becomes more challenging.

The key is to recognize what best supports who you are now. It also means finding acceptance for the way the other person, or how the dynamics, have changed. To be able to let go with grace and gratitude is a practice.

let it go

Accepting Change

Maybe you studied a certain subject because it interested you or took course or program to develop yourself and your business, or majored in something you wanted to become and make a career out of. Only now you notice your goals, priorities and interests have shifted. This is perfectly normal as we evolve, become exposed to and experience new things, places, people in our lives.

Perhaps you thought you would always live in the same place “forever” or be with your one true love “forever” and now you realize you need to be somewhere different or were led to meet someone different which only came into view as you moved further along in your life. This too is all part of “growing up” and a result of new conditioning, new thoughts, and new beliefs that led you to new results.

believe in yourself

Even some of things you once enjoyed in your spare time or as a hobby, don’t light you up the way they used to. That doesn’t mean anything is “wrong” with you. It just means it lost it’s spark. Either from not taking the time to tend to it, or you simply outgrew it and found a better fit.

Seasons of the Soul

New people, places, experiences will come into your life, some by seeming chance, some by your own design. Life mastery informs you what are programmed versions of you, and what’s real. As a previous guest on my Wise Woman Wednesdays show on YouTube, Josette Diaz explained, it’s important to recognize what does and doesn’t light your fire. As a guide and champion for women, she moves you through the Seasons of the Soul and living a life of your own creation. In this interview she talks about ways we lose ourselves, and how we can find ourselves again. She encourages you to follow your own rhythm and watch where it leads. You can watch the full interview here.

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