Life Lessons from the Coronavirus Experience

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,In March 2020 downtown Victoria in British Columbia looked like a deserted town. The noise had stopped. The air became cleaner and the Olympic Mountains and many others suddenly and stunningly came into better view.  Similiarly, water became clearer and strangely, everything seemed alive again. And yet, nothing would ever be the same again.

It wasn’t just Victoria either, There were stories of mountains and landscapes emerging from the fog and pollution all over the world.  Animals took to the streets and reclaimed their land, meanwhile humans were finally able to leave the office and go home. 

No one knew yet for how long.

Trials and Triumphs of the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus took over every media outlet and everything went into global lockdown. I know you know this story. In fact we all do.

Corona who? The thing is, the coronavirus took on many new forms and labels calling out to be heard and seen, and yet still, people aren’t getting the message. 

Well, maybe there were a few and those people have become a voice for it. In the same way, others took to other matters, such as environmental causes, social injustices, political nonsense, the lack of care for our elders, mental health and addiction, and more.  With elevated awareness, consciousness was raised about inequalities and what needed to be addressed before we lost everything. These are just some of the trials and triumphs of the coronavirus.

If you continue to read this article on the Trials and Triumphs of the Coronavirus, I encourage you to, “Take what you like and leave the rest”. I am simply sharing my thoughts, experiences, and observations. Believe when I say this is a very courageous move and naturally, I welcome yours in the comments too.

The etymology dictionary defines “Corona” as “crown”. For those familiar with chakra systems, the crown is known as a bridge to the cosmos. For this reason, it is a very important association to the entry into the Aquarian Age and 5th dimensional energy.

The Beginning of Something New

Earlier in this pandemic, it was heartwarming to see the solidarity of people taking care of one another. Additionally, key social movements took place globally.  For example, there was  increased awareness of the unhoused (and housing solutions were suddenly found). Also, money showed up to benefit people who were struggling with all the changes to business and ability to work. Even the military came out to help on the frontlines. Small businesses received support that was long overdue. People were redirected to shop locally and boost their own economy. People were also redirected to be home, alone or with their families and find ways to bring that into harmony. This raising of consciousness is very much a part of this new 5th dimensional energy.

A Whole New World of Opportunties

Opportunities abound for creating a more solid foundation in home, work, economy, and lifestyle choices. In addition to changing our lives, we can take care better care of the planet we currently inhabit and build stronger communities.

During lockdowns, people were unable to gather and found new and creative ways to connect, celebrate, and mourn. In other words, it became more possible globally and many groups I attended, mostly over Zoom, rejoiced in the opportunity to connect with so many people all over the world sharing the same experiences.

These online gatherings lended to global meditations, more access to courses, classes, programs, and events that for most, would not  otherwise be so accessible.

Demonstrations of gratitude were shared toward essential workers and health care workers. Around my neighbourhood many people posteed hearts in their windows. Thank you notes spread all over the city. Signs were also put up to heighten awareness that black lives and indigenous lives matter.  Many others held signs advocating their causes. All of this, created conditions for more harmonious relations in the world. There was a keen goal for global coherence.

Many were able to try out working from home and for those who decided it was a good idea, moved into different homes that could accommodate this. Many families expanded with newborns, others experienced much loss and inability to properly grieve with their loved ones.

New Ways of Connecting

People learned new ways of connecting, both online, and because many found it difficult to communicate with everyone wearing masks and face shields. With having to wear masks there was even less need for make-up and natural beauty prevailed. Another small sign of showing up in our true form.

The way we heard each other and saw each other became radically different. Many realized how much we rely on facial gestures to understand each other (as we know over 80% of communication is non-verbal) and we were “forced” to look into each others eyes to really see. This interests me, as eyes are often seen as gateways to the soul and perhaps speaks to deeper connection.

A Protective Bubble To Keep Us Safe

First we were able to have protective bubbles of six-feet around. This was a grand opportunity to feel back into your own energy. We were given a chance to be home as a family and discover whether that actually worked or not. It presented an occasion to strengthen the family unit or dissolve it. From there we were able to venture back into our communities, and slowly extend into our region/state/nation/province. Now we can even travel across countries and in some cases even cross back over into other countries. 

While at home, people became creative, innovative and much more relaxed. I noticed more tending to homes and gardens and people started “cleaning up” in more ways than one. Individuals restructured their time and reprioritized how to spend it. 

A Worldwide Reset

The Coronavirus created conditions for a global, individual and collective reset. “Fallen heroes” as I like to think of them, sacrificed their lives (by soul contract) in order for us to take a deeper look at what was going on. I hope that they didn’t die in vain and that we take a serious look at how we are living and what we want to create moving forward globally, individually, and collectively.

In the rush to return to a so-called, “normal” and take the masks off before we are really ready, we run the risk of chaos and disorderly conduct. I believe we need to take great care in this re-entry process, and as we emerge into this new era. This may even be a good time to book your free Discovery Session to discuss any struggles with “getting back out there”.

Reintegration is a very important process and cannot be taken lightly, or for granted. Certainly, with all the trials and triumphs of the coronavirus we can take what we like and leave the rest.

In conclusion, lest we forget all that we had been through, and continue to go through, let’s try to keep a thread of gratitude, compassion, harmony, understanding and awareness. I hope that we can continue to feed the energy of oneness and unity even as the threat of division (and dare I say,segregation?) over the vaccinated and un-vaccinated grows.

Perhaps you recall the story of the Two Wolves?  It asks whether you will feed ego, fear, resentment and guilt vs.peace, empathy, compassion and kindness. This gives a clue as to what we want to create for the future. How do you envision for yourself and the world? What will you feed?

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What will you call out for?

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