Intentional Living for the Awakened Leader

Jennifer Regular

Do you go through periods where you question your life and direction?

Ever experience sadness or worry over not being who/how you used to be? Perhaps falling into self-doubt and creating indecision?

What would it take to align with your Highest Self?

In this podcast episode, Jennifer Regular, the Soul Illuminator at Lighting The Path shares some questions and insights to tap into the potency of who you truly are and what you are really about. This is part one of the video series- Intentional Living for the Awakened Leader.        

Do you feel the call and the urge to serve on a higher level?

In the first episode in the Intentional Living for the Awakened Leader series, I shared how to be living in alignment with who you truly are and consider your current trajectory.

I also spoke about regulating emotional upheaval, how to stay true to your deeper passion, and how to embody your potential and express the love being that you are. Now in part two, I share what it means to be an Awakened Leader.

Are you happy? What is the soul of your business? Is it still aligned with your values, passions and interests? These are a few of the reflections offered to discern whether you are truly on the right path, and operating from the truth of who you are. In this final segment, Jennifer Regular shares some personal examples of trust in the process of life and aligning with a higher truth.


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