Sunday, July 14th, 2024

1pm Pacific Time

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Are you ready to unlock the freedom and joy that comes from living in alignment with your life's purpose? 


Imagine the fulfillment you'll discover when you embrace your truth and take steps toward your deepest desires!


 If you've felt exhausted trying to meet others' expectations or are seeking more clarity on your life's mission, this masterclass is for you.


As a changemaker, you have the power to create your future, and your energy and passion are the keys to making a meaningful global impact. 

During the masterclass, you will: 


  • Understand the vital importance of nurturing your well-being while pursuing your dreams.
  • Remove obstacles that have been holding you back from reaching your full potential.
  • Gain insights and practices to regain clarity, renew your sense of purpose, and align with your deepest values.
  • Discover how to master your time and energy, so you can focus on what truly inspires you.
  • Become motivated by passion, not obligation.
  • Find the rhythm and flow that helps you grow and restore confidence in living the life you deserve.


By the end of this masterclass, you'll be ready to prioritize what makes you feel alive and on purpose, and take the first conscious steps towards achieving your deepest longing.


As David N. Elkins beautifully said, "Authentic spirituality awakens the soul, reconnects us with the sacred, and fills us with the passion of life."


Join us for this masterclass and be on your way to discovering a life of soulful success, where you're deeply valued and honoured for being true to yourself.



Your Guide: Jennifer Regular is also known as the "Soul Illuminator" at Lighting the Path where she guides Visionary Entrepreneurs to activate their soul calling and direct the life they live so they can have greater influence, impact, and make the impossible possible. She is also an International Speaker and Author of Embrace Your Power- A Healing Journal of Self-Discovery.



Jennifer’s innate wisdom and authenticity create a safe, nurturing environment to explore yourself within. Her gentle way and deep knowledge allows for a very personal internal healing and re-alignment to take place. ~Bija Repta, Port Burwell, ON

“Jennifer is an incredible empathic and talented intuitive guide to the truth of your soul. I am so grateful for the wisdom she shares and the most positive energy she emanates for all those light workers in the world.” Daniel John Hanneman, Chicago, IL

“I’m so grateful for the way Jennifer provides a clear space to engage at the deepest levels. She truly understands what it takes to deepen the spiritual life journey.” Laurie Seymour, Denver, CO

“Jennifer a unique and gifted coach, teacher, facilitator, host and panel expert. She always has something highly relative to say that really addresses the heart of the matter. Jennifer can give examples that people understand and relate to. One of her special gifts is providing easy ways to remind yourself of the tool she is teaching.” Josette Diaz, San Diego, CA

“Jennifer quickly and intuitively gets to the heart of an issue. She offers insight and direction that simply makes sense. She helps to clear pathways that will open doors to new opportunities and growth and gives suggestions that ensure those feelings stay with you. Susan Regier, Zurich, ON


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