How to Thrive Beyond the 9 to 5

Jumping up

Have you been feeling disappointed or disillusioned about life, work, or relationships?

Do you quickly go from enthusiasm to overwhelm and exhaustion?

What would it take to live the life you imagined?

There are many ways you can become dis-spirited. Work conditions, family relations, relationships, and environmental influences can either be life-supportive to help you thrive…or constrict you so you’re struggling to survive.

Are you ready to move into your full potential and lead a more fulfilling and vibrant life?

In every exit interview I had, the human resource person would ask me, “What can we do to keep you, what would make you stay?” My answer was always the same, “I need something more. I have so much to offer that is not being recognized here. There are no longer opportunities for growth and I’m choosing a different direction.”

I also saw that people stayed in jobs they hated simply for the paycheque. People often complained about toxic environments that were demoralizing and draining.

Here are some strategies to transform stress into ease and empowerment:

T- Transcend from role-torole way of relating to connect soul-to-soul. Be in
service to others without sacrificing your integrity by being authentic in your
communication and acting from an inspired and loving space of compassion.

H– Honour your values and priorities by knowing what they are, and
create healthy boundaries to protect them.

I– Inspire others by being a role model of a true leader who creates
opportunities for another’s advancement, both in professional and 
personal growth. You
have special gifts beyond your skill set that deserve to be shared.

V– Vitality. Keep your soul energized by focusing on what nurtures, guides
and heals you in this work.

E- Environment. Create an inspiring work area that cultivates peace and
centers you. For example, I created what my coworkers and manager called the “Zen Desk”
since people felt more centered just by being there. I had covered a portion of my desk
in a beautiful cloth, had a small running waterfall feature, a couple crystals, and a
​Himalayan salt lamp. A selenite lamp works well too, Customize it the way you like!

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