How to Recognize the Signs of Burnout


Are you able to recognize the signs of burnout? Recently on Wise Woman Wednesdays, I had a special guest who shared that awareness is key and “You will get through it”, says Dr. Peggy Gleason, a Certified Integrative Health Coach.

Dr. Peggy Gleason inspires women from all over the globe to continue their success as professional women.  She helps them find time for living a life of more contentment, better health, and more peace of mind.

After decades working as a critical care nurse and running one of the biggest neonatal units in New York, Peggy knows first hand what burnout feels like, and how it differs from compassion fatigue.

When it Gets Personal

On a personal level, Peggy developed burnout from being a working single mom with aging parents. A pure testament of how burnout comes from many directions. One reason she shares, is that women think they can do anything and is relieved when given the permission that they don’t have to. Another belief buster is learning to find time for yourself even when that seems impossible.

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This humbling experience leads to acceptance and eventually, much better health and wellness.

Sometimes there is a deep healing taking place beneath the surface that can leave you feeling depleted. Perhaps you are even feeling the need to sleep more, or to get away. You may also feel lethargic, unable to focus or and inability to concentrate. At times you could be feeling like you can’t have certain people in your energy space.  And tend to overreact or become impatient when they are.

One day when I was feeling as if in emotional paralysis and exhausted, I realized no one was there for me. No one was tending to me while I was ill. They still expected everything to be exactly as it always was and had this expectation that I could handle it.


My growing self awareness allowed me to see how resentful, hostile, and depressed I had become. This awareness fuelled me to start doing things differently.

When I ended up on a stress leave from work, it was then that I realized the world did not crumble without me. During that time I found a new support network, one that honoured me, and one person that even gave me permission to take care of myself.

Lessons Learned

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I learned that I was teaching people how to treat me. Being humble allowed the love and support I craved from all my “doing”.

I also realized just how important it is to do the inner work.  This led to becoming energy efficient and a brighter light for others who are still living in darkness.

Now, years later I feel as if my life has completely transformed. I feel lighter, freer, and more at peace.

Check out the interview below where Dr. Peggy Gleason shares how to rise from the ashes of burnout and offers tips to prioritize your day. She also sheds light on what to do when you have no energy for anything.

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