Give Back To Yourself

giving back to yourself

One of the most difficult things to manage in our lives, especially if you are an Empath, is learning to care and not carry. You give so much to others, how can you can give back to yourself?

With so much we give to the world through are work, service, time, energy and resources, it’s important to notice what and how much you take on. How is it affecting your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being? Also notice what you’ve been carrying and what can be released, unpacked, or given to someone else so you can lighten your burdens and experience greater freedom and peace.

A major transition period (also transformation) can feel like a “healing crisis”. We are going through this now in a very accelerated way. The old structures can no longer hold us and are no longer sustainable. It can seem extremely chaotic right now as these structures come down and as people continue to fight and “go back to normal”. You might even find yourself struggling to hold on to what you have, or known, in efforts to feel safe and secure. What if you could trust yourself to handle whatever comes your way. That in fact, you will always be supplied with what you need when you can open up to receive it.

love whats in front of you

Perhaps you’ve been noticing how things are not quite “normal” and that you no longer feel like the person you once were and haven’t quite learned how to lean into new ways of being yet, so you default to what others and society expect of you. On a deeper level, your shifting consciousness, and learning to embody more of who you truly are, while shedding anything that is not you or true for you anymore.

Shifting Consciousness Around Shameful Thoughts and Oppressive Actions

You may also be experiencing or internalizing shame and think you have to do something you might not want to, but think you should because “everyone else is”. Society and even our loved ones create opposition, making you feel like you are doing something wrong or not enough. Being misunderstood, unheard, unseen, and not fully recognized is becoming more prominent and creates mental adversity. This mental pressure or distress, seen as a form of oppression can be very triggering. One remedy for this is to stop trying to prove or improve yourself. Instead, embody more of who you are. 

be yourself written in sky

Giving Back To Yourself

Ground yourself in a state of integrity. Integrity is about being whole and undivided.

It also means maintaining strong moral principles (that come from inner, not outer sources) and being solid in your being. Being solid makes you a strong, grounded pillar of light that doesn’t get pulled by the triggers into what is not soul-aligned.

If we were to look at Soul Care, we tune into our natural rhythms, and remember our core essence. The Soul is where the sacredness of life is revealed and accessing that remembrance, brings us peace, clarity and sense of purpose once again. It’s a way of giving back to yourself.

With Soul care the soul leads. We access intuition, our innate wisdom to discern instead of the voice of tradition, authority or the majority.

We take responsibility for having our needs met, rather than expecting someone else to fulfill them.

It gives us the courage to respond without defences and with authenticity and integrity.

Soul-care encourages you to do less and allow you to naturally re-calibrate. You’ll find over 20 more tips for soul-care in my book, Embrace Your Power: A Healing Journal of Self-discovery.

Create Strong Boundaries

Who and what you invite into your space, will deeply impact how you stay focused on your path. As you begin to transform stress into ease you also begin to connect with others from a greater place of love, presence, self-respect, compassion, peace and freedom. Boundaries create the space to do that.

Be authentic in all your communications and watch your relationships thrive with honesty and integrity. Some relationships will grow while others will dissolve. Tend to relationships where it’s safe to share life experiences. Align with those who encourage you to live your heart’s desires.

natural rhythm

Come back into harmony with your natural rhythms and experience the peace that comes from clearing away what no longer serves your Highest Good. There may be many things on your list and people in our life and responsibilities to meet that still serve you, but does it serve the highest vision you have for yourself and your life? Consider what’s in your best interest and aim to meet those needs.

Overcoming Nice Girl Syndrome

Recently I met Tanna Marshall who loves supporting women 50 and over to become more confident and stand in their power with love and compassion for themselves and others to create the life they want. 

She is an Author, Transformational Women’s Empowerment Coach certified in the Law of Attraction, Holistic Health, and EFT.

Tanna is also the founder of Infinite Woman, a feminine community supporting, inspiring and connecting high-vibe, like-minded women through programs, events and retreats.

I interviewed her on Wise Woman Wednesdays to discuss:

  • Balancing giving and receiving
  • How to create healthy boundaries
  • Positive effects of caring for ourselves
  • Healing her relationship to herself
  • The importance of women supporting women
  • Transitioning from career to calling
  • Power of deciding what you want
  • Giving permission to put yourself first

You can watch it here:

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