From Chaos to Clarity

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Working through transitions is never easy, but it is transformational.

It really warms my heart to hear from people who have had sessions with me explain the changes they went through and how it strengthened their being. I often feel honoured to witness their journey and the sparkle that returns into the eyes in those I’ve had  in person or online face to face contact with.

Have you ever felt lost, and unsure of your next move? Rest assured you are not alone! Here is a letter I received from someone who took up the offering to engage in Soul Mentoring sessions. She has allowed me to share this.

Dear Jennifer: 

Thank you for listening and patiently finding a way to sort through my issues. 

 I feel like I understand more what has been happening to me.
 Having these tools will help me even more to detox and recognize
 triggers so that I can deal with it rather than react.
You have been most helpful and inspiring with the hard facts and
helping me to really listen to what I am presenting also.  I was
pleasantly surprised how much I learned in a couple of sessions with
you. I have been in therapy for a couple of years and made a giant
leap with you.
Everything you have done for me has been exceptional to my new
found strength.  I feel more joy than I have ever felt, it is somewhat
overwhelming, but good.

Thank you so much for your honest, complete, look at what I am doing
and where I am going.”

Sincerely, Brenda

A picture that says, "We can evolve out of the worst tragedy we never thought we could live through

Going through a major life change can take you in directions you never thought you would go. When you can honestly take inventory of your life, you might notice a similar thread that is woven through every meaningful experience. This is where you begin to see your divine life path. Where does yours lead? I’d love to hear your comments.

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