Finding Your Calling

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I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do when I grew up. Just about everything excited me and I wanted to have as many experiences as possible to settle my curiousitites.

Some of my earlier ideas were to become a guidance counsellor or psychologist. My dad thought I was most inclined to become a teacher and my mom said I should become a nurse.

When I was ten I started outlining content for a book I wanted to write. At that at the time I was going to call it, “When society determines your destiny”. It just seemed like everyone had an opinion about how someone else should be living his/her life.

The common thread in all of this was to somehow heal and empower people.

Looking back along your path up to this point, what themes do you notice?

As life went on none of those roles transpired but I did get and Honours B.A. in Psychology. Interesting to think back on my thesis being on serial killers. Shocking to realize how many changes over my life has taken since then!

Power in the Pivot

It’s been a long road of many choices and pivots. I spent over 20 years working in social service and government organizations before starting a soul-centered business. After encountering thoursands of people who were stuck, lost,or going through major life transitions, it became my mission to soothe the emotional upheaval and help them with a fresh start.

Deep within, my “calling” was to support people during their times of reckoning. It took root in inspiring others to free their spirit to direct the life they were meant to live. Together we would activate the potential for living a life they loved and felt they belonged in.

This calling was a difficult one to follow with all the noise in the last government organization I worked for. I decided to leave despite the good pay and benefits.

Have you ever felt that you wanted to leave a situation but felt there was something that kept hooking you back in? At some point you have to ask yourself, “How important is it?

Soul-sapping struggles of that work due to constrictions inherent in working “in the system” really took a toll on my self-worth and physical health.  I had to look at what else was possible so I chose to find something that ignited my passion. It also had to be something that gave me purpose.

In looking for ways to keep my spirit intact, I discovered strategies to create what I wanted for my life and inspire other ways I can generate income. With every career role, guiding others to live their best life was a key motivation in how I approached my work.

Do you, too, have a sense of your calling or feel like something inside you is bubbling, urging you to get it out into the world? What in you has yet to be born?


What in you has yet to be born?



Questions to Ask if You Are Considering a Career Change

What kind of contribution would you like to make to the world?

Who might you best serve and have a greater impact?

What would make it possible for you to do the work you really want to do?

What conditions would best support you in being able to express the best of what you have to offer?

Answering these questions may inspire you to create a new, empowered way of being in the world. A way to work or offer service that leads to greater freedom and fulfillment. This in turn will lead others you are meant to serve to an outcome only you could provide.

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