How To Avoid Giving Your Power Away


Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress and so exhausted that you barely have the energy or time to do the things you would actually enjoy? Read on to find out how to avoid giving your power away.

You are not alone. In fact if you are spending your days in a toxic work or home environment you can look at any one of your co-workers or family members and know this to be true. There is actually over a million people on the internet looking for ways to cope!

Where Did Your Energy and Vitality Go?

When you feel tired it makes everything seem like more than you can handle. It’s when you are over stimulated that your brain just can’t think anymore, concentration seems impossible as you simply stare, and yet a part of you wants to keep going until the issue is resolved.

A part of you wants more stimulation to find energy to keep going and get things accomplished like coffee, TV, internet games, while others look for something more sedating like alcohol in an attempt to find ease or as a “reward” for getting through the day. I wonder, do you actually feel any better after?

I wonder because more often than not these activities and ways of coping leads to further numbing, exhaustion, anxiety, and creates more disconnect. A disconnect not from the problem, but from your true essence, from your loved ones, and from real solutions.

See, the opposite is found to be more effective. Instead of “checking out”, check-IN.
Turn away from all the external pulls and come back into your body. Check in with yourself about how you are feeling physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

I’ll explain how to avoid giving your power away in a two step process.

Step One on how to avoid giving your power away: Turn away from all the external pulls and come back into your body

In truth you have access to a never-ending flow of universal energy, yet if you block this flow, you will end up feeling closed off, ungrounded, anxious, and maybe even depressed. Depression is seen as a resistance to life on a spiritual level. It takes a lot of energy to go against the flow of life which creates that feeling of heaviness.

Think of a dam blocking the flow of water and how the water builds up. Your problems and emotions can build up in the same way. A closed heart lowers your vibration and blocks the balance of giving and receiving and so it can feel very dark as no light is able to get in or out.

It’s important to begin practicing discernment. With emotion, you can see how the energy must be kept in motion and it’s important to keep that energy moving through you and not to suppress it where it can build up inside of you creating further blocks. When you keep pushing thoughts away, they become more persistent and fill up your head. Being so into your thoughts keep you from being fully present in the here and now. Being fully present is actually where you find your greatest source of power.

sillhouette of woman thnking

The good news is that there is a way out of this quagmire!

So how do you strengthen your Being to feel more centred and empowered and better respond to what is happening in your life? See below on how to practice discernment.

Step Two on how to avoid giving your power away- Practice Discernment.

7 Ways to Practice Discernment 

Conscious Connection. Align with your higher self/higher power through meditation and prayer, or by way of oracle cards or some other divination tool. Connect with your creative source. Draw, colour, build, write, or paint as this will shift your consciousness and help you access different parts of your brain that will also more easily find you the solutions and answers you were looking for.

Clear negative energy. You can smudge to purify yourself and your space or declutter to create space and clear your mind. Clear out what no longer serves you from all areas of your life and set new boundaries of what you invite or allow into your life to protect your energy.

Take a Break. Go outside and breathe some fresh air! Go for a walk, get into nature, open some windows.Step away from the problem and gain a brighter perspective.

Practice Patience. Stop struggling or trying to force solutions. Ego will want to control every thing which constricts your progress and restricts you leaving you feeling tense, rigid, and tight especially on the physical level. Instead, allow things to unfold naturally leaving room for peace and grace to enter. This allowing helps you cultivate trust.

Examine the Origin. Tap into your innate wisdom as you ask yourself, “What is really going on here”? There is always a deeper truth hidden in every situation, uncover it.

Enlist your support network. Connect with positive resources such as a mentor, counsellor, coach, holistic practitioner who can guide you. They can offer new ways of looking at things, and help re-balance your energy. You can even book a free discovery session with me.

Own it. Get yourself back in the driver’s seat and redirect your energy back onto the right path. Reclaim your ability to transform stress and powerless into ease and empowerment as you become the person who can handle it.

Cultivating these strategies shifts your thinking in response to challenges and generates a much different, and more satisfying outcome. Let me know what works for you!



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