Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase the book through Vervante Bookstore or Amazon. Visit the Get the Book page
Click on this link for your Free 30min Discovery Session and find out what else is possible.
Typically people access our services when there is an experience of a significant loss, major life transition such a career change, relationship breakdown or relocation. Our clients are those who are at a crossroads in their life and at a time of reckoning. It's a time of healing transformation and trying to discern what direction to take and what decisions to make. People come when they become disheartened that life didn't go the way they expected and believed it would, and need help knowing where to go from here. If you an relate, book a free 30 minute discovery session and see what the next safe stepis, and where it can lead you.
We start with a 30 minute Disovery Session which is absolutely free. View testimonials of what people have experienced in these sessions.
Sessions are available on Zoom or WhatsApp. You can choose audio only or with video. With Zoom. You can also request to receive a recording if you choose. If you are living in Canada you also have the option to have a phone session. Book Here.
A follow up session is offered at a special rate of only $44 for 45 min. To make it easy and affordable to continue with sessions, the best choice beyond that is to purchase a bundle of sessions (each 45min). Normally this would cost $240 for 3 sessions, however in light of the current pandemic and financial hardships many are experiencing, this bundle is being offered on a sliding scale of $240-$132. Payment is accepted through e-transfer or Paypal. Schedule your sessions here.