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Living Well Insight Timer

Living Well Series on Insight Timer

In this Living Well Series we explore topics related to spiritual wellness and how to integrate a higher consciousness model of living that supports your healing and empowerment journey.

Feb 4/24: Unconditional Love

Feb 18/24: Courage to Grieve


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Have you lost your mojo? Need some inspiration to start taking meaningful action and get back into your groove?

Join us for a panel discussion on how to re-ignite your passion, vigor and drive to become who you came here to be and do what you came here to do. Discover ways to restore meaning and purpose in your life so you can move more confidently in the direction of your dreams.registration button

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Embark on a transformative 9-week course led by Tara Beth Villani and Jennifer Regular, as they draw on the profound wisdom of the nine main chakras to offer cosmic guidance for unleashing your entrepreneurial spirit. This journey of inner alchemy is designed to illuminate the path of your personal evolution. Immerse yourself in a unique blend of cosmic insight, psychological understanding, and spiritual wisdom, specifically tailored to fuel your entrepreneurial journey with purpose and resonance. Register Here

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ignite your passion Next Free Masterclass is on Sunday, February 25th at 4pm Eastern Time [Time Converter}. IGNITE Your Passion is a one-hour exploration into harnessing your true passion to live your purpose. Register here.

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getting real  Who’s ready to get real?

Join me and Monica Henderson as we get real with a new guest every Sunday to discuss whatever topic we pull out of our fishbowl🐠 No more spiritual jargon, just real conversation about how to make spiritual practice tangible for everyone. It’s a fun-filled half hour exploring spiritual concepts, tools, and practices to support your well-being in a whole new way🌌 Join us on YouTubeWatch button