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This transformational tool invites you on a pilgrimage to your heart’s deepest desires. Journaling prompts help you get clear on the kind of life that would bring the most satisfaction.

When you can embrace your power, you can use it to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.  Find the strength to move through challenges as a rite of passage into how you want to impact the world.

Embrace Your Power: A Healing Journal of Self-Discovery is an opportunity to personally reflect on what makes you YOU and awaken the soul gifts you are meant to share with this world. It will guide you to nurture your soul, clarify your direction, and empower you to reclaim your life.

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Vervante Jennifer Regualr

“In just a 109 concise pages this wonderful, thought provoking book lives up to it’s title. Light enough to tote with you, yet heavy enough to delve deep into any blocks holding you back from your most authentic self. It truly is a Healing Journal to Self Discovery and inner healing when the reader becomes an active participant by journaling answers to very specific questions while at the same time taking to heart the inspiring quotes and affirmations”-Terri Clinton


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Personal Note from the Author

This book was first conceived when I was just 10 years old. At that time I was going to call it, “When Society Determines Your Destiny”.

Over the years this book took many forms in my mind until I decided that  whatI really wanted to write about, is how you can learn to be true about your personal beliefs and ideas. And express that in a meaningful way to help us all live together with more authenticity, integrity and harmony.

It’s been heartwarming to hear feedback from readers who have found much validation, support, and insight from the book. Some said they shared copies with family and friends. One reader even told she even gifted a copy to her therapist!

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Using this Book

I heard from others who have chosen to work through the book with a friend or spouse. However you choose to use this book, I trust it will help you find answers to long held questions about your life, and re-membering of lost soul fragments. Many blessings on your healing journey of self-discovery.

P.S. Make sure you access your personal toolkit at the end of the book. It has over 30 spiritual wellness strategies to keep you calm and centered as your journey through this wild and precious life!

~Jennifer Regular

amazon jennifer regular

Vervante Jennifer Regualr