Creating Your Best Life

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When we think of creating our best life, one exciting thought is that the “best is yet to come.” This kind of outlook shows trust that life keeps getting better, and is filled with optimism and wonder of what else is possible. It takes you out of hopelessness and gives some motivation for continuing to move forward. To me this saying also makes it feel like the “best” is still out of reach so I prefer to think that the “best is unfolding now”.

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There is some strategy needed here too so that you look with clear vision and not get distracted by events or less worthy needs that can throw you off course.

Are you always “on standby” for what’s next?

Know What Propels You Forward

Creating your best life means having a purpose that gives your life direction and meaning. Without purpose, you are just waiting around and defaulting to survival mode, reacting to whatever shows up.

Michael Bernard Beckwith, Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Beverly Hills, California shares that, “Having a clear purpose simplifies your life because you recognize that you must release anything that obstructs that purpose.”

Moving through or overcoming obstacles ensures you keep what’s true in front of you. Knowing your purpose helps you discern what works in your favour and what might get in your way. You can then make decisions that are life-supportive for you.

It pulls you toward something, rather than you getting pushed back by something.

Creating Your Best Life: Day One or One Day?

The key message here is to focus more on creating and choosing, and less on consuming and reacting.

Consider these few questions as you start right where you are. What direction would you like to take now? What would you like to experience? Will this be “day one” for you, or are you still saving this desired experience for “one day”.

Never make your excuses bigger than your dreams! act on your dreams

Creating your best life also means taking slow deliberate action puts you on the higher path to achieve the best possible outcome. Baby steps is all you need to take once inspiration hits.

Choosing then feeling it out steadies you for more balanced movement along your destined path. What would start giving you those feelings you wish to experience?

Resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. There is a simple process that involves awareness, acceptance and action. Consider these questions to move you through that process:

What value conflicts are you experiencing in your life?

Is there anything that feels “off” or out of sync with the way you want to be living?

What can you do to resolve that?

Dance Your Spirit Free

When in doubt, dance it out! Get your body moving. Let the music take you away from anything disturbing you.

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Perhaps most important for creating your best life is to be your best self.

Create some space in your life so that you can act when inspiration hits. Give yourself room to breathe, to think, to dream, or to just be.

Some practices to get you back in touch with your soul essence are connecting with nature, enjoying the silence, or singing into resonance with the feeling you want to be with.

Here are some other ideas to inspire you to reconnect with yourself:

  • Engage in one of your favourite activities.

  • Cook yourself one of your favourite meals or try a new recipe.

  • Journal or write a letter to yourself.

  • Give yourself a massage.

  • Give yourself some credit for what you’ve already achieved by listing and acknowledging your accomplishments (include and big and small ones here).

  • Spend some time alone in solitude and connect with you life force energy.

Can you think of more ways to connect with yourself? Try one of them today!

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