Creating Boundaries For A Life of Balance

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As you begin to transform stress into ease you also begin to connect with others from a greater place of love, presence, self-respect, compassion, peace and freedom. Boundaries create the space to do that. Continue reading to discover some of the advantages of creating boundaries in your life.

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Here Are 5 Ways Boundaries Can Uplevel Your Life

One important thing to understand about creating boundaries is that it doesn’t create walls. It creates freedom. It can give you boundless energy. That’s number one.

2. Develop inner peace. Be authentic in all your communications and watch your relationships thrive with honesty and integrity. Some relationships will grow while others will dissolve. Tend to relationships where it’s safe to share life experiences. Align with those who encourage you to live your heart’s desires.

3. Create Sacred Space. Who and what you invite into your space, will deeply impact how you stay focused on your path. Choose people, work conditions, and activities that are life supportive for you, and nourish your well-being physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Be sure to create sacred space within your home as well, to nurture your soul as you come back to your centre.

4. Maintain integrity. Establish healthy boundaries by being honest with your needs and truthfully saying “yes” or “no” in response to someone’s request. Really look at your motivation behind what you are saying yes to. Embody your truth.

5. Emotional and energetic balance. Subtle influences impact you and your energy every minute of every day. It’s vital to become more aware of what you are tuning into and consciously choose what you will allow into your body, mind, and spirit. 

What do you need to feel safe? So you don’t feel invaded or imposed upon? Hiding from your true feelings, fearing failure or rejection will amplify your need for protection.


It’s also important to look at and make conscious choices about where you direct your time and energy.

Creating Boundaries for a Life of Balance

Avoid over-scheduling to create time without pressure. Give transition spaces between appointments, tasks, responsibilities. Do this and you’ll feel more open and free. Sometimes you might resist having “free time” thinking you’ll feel lost, forget something important, or not seem productive enough. Let it go and let it flow.

Noticing how you are spending your time now. If it’s not how you’d like to be spending your time and energy, make some changes so that it does. This will enrich your life outside of work, and allow you to bring new energy into your work and be more productive as a result, which of course will further empower you, rather than drain you.

Ego will want to control every thing which constricts your progress and restricts you leaving you feeling tense, rigid, and tight especially on the physical level. Instead, allow things to unfold naturally leaving room for peace and grace to enter. This “allowing” helps you cultivate trust.

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Come back into harmony with your natural rhythms and experience the peace that comes from clearing away what no longer serves your Highest Good. There may be many things on your list and people in our life and responsibilities to meet that still serve you, but does it serve the highest vision you have for yourself and your life? Consider what’s in your best interest and aim to meet those needs.

The key lesson is to set up what you are willing to experience. Include all the things that bring you joy. This creates your “shield” where things that would normally affect you just rolls off your shoulders.

In next week’s blog post I will share 3 tips to clear and protect your energy. 

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  1. I loved reading this. It brings so much insight and fresh perspective to our daily lives. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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