Bringing Back “Me Time”

me time

Over the course of time the idea of ‘Me Time’ has created a lot of debate and controversy. Is it selfish? Does it mean you are self-centered and is that really a bad thing? Should you feel ashamed for wanting some time for yourself? Why is it so easy for younger generations to claim their “It’s all about me” attitude? Perhaps it has a little bit to do with mindset. Or even beliefs you have or have carried on from the generations before you. Regardless, it’s time to bring it back!

You know you want it but you’re afraid to claim it. So why is that? It’s important to get to the real reason you are not allowing yourself the time you need to rest, replenish, regroup and re-align. What are your thoughts and beliefs around this? Ask yourself, is it really true?

Why Now?

Establishing time for yourself is crucial for several reasons as it enhances your life in many areas. These areas include self-care, emotional health, boundaries, personal evolution, relationships and of course it helps establish a life of success and balance.

It’s important to recharge mentally, physically and is essential for overall well-being. Spending time alone also offers an opportunity to reflect, contemplate, gain clarity and elevate self-awareness.

In our busy lives, it’s easy to get caught up in responsibilities and obligations. Taking “me time” helps restore balance by counteracting the demands of daily life and preventing burnout.

When you are fulfilled and rejuvenated, you can show up more fully and authentically in your relationships as well.

Recently I gave a talk on Insight Timer about boundaries and how they help us create a life of balance. One of the key messages I shared is to approach boundaries from the lens of holding space for yourself and others🤯

When thinking about Me Time you can consider how you might like to hold space for yourself. To be able to tend to your own needs (or even reflect on what they are!) with tenderness rather than tension.

Nourishing the Soul: The Essence of Me Time

Another thing to consider is what you’d like “me time” for. What would you do if you had 5, 15 minutes, or an hour to yourself? What is your soul calling for? Think of Me Time as an act of Soul Care. You can read about the differences between self care and soul care in this free guide and discover ways to practice soul care for enhanced well-being.

Putting Yourself First Puts You Into a Position of Leadership

Prioritizing ‘Me Time’ not only benefits personal well-being, it also positions you as a leader. Time spent in solitude allows for self-discovery, tuning into intuitive messages, and aligning with one’s true self, thus enhancing leadership capacity and influence.

What if giving yourself time to tend to your needs and become a better version of yourself meant you were being a role-model for others? Would you spend more time on it then? Imagine the creative ideas that can flow through when you give yourself time and freedom to cultivate spaciousness and give yourself room to breathe!

Just Breathe

Me Time and Power of Solitude

During this time on your own and in solitude you get to rediscover who you are, what you stand for, and how you’d like to be living and leading your life. You get to check in with how you are feeling, hear your intuitive messages, feel how your body is doing, and tune into where your spirit is leading you. It’s also a opportune time to integrate the changes that have been occurring in your life.

Giving yourself the freedom to engage in solitude allows you to operate from the best version of you, rather than what’s left of you. This strengthens your capacity to lead generously without depleting yourself in the process. Your influence can only be felt when you strengthen your connection with the earth, higher power, and your inner knowing. When you are aligned with who you truly are and in a co-creative space you find where true balance really is.

Me Time has the added benefit of learning to know, like, and trust yourself again, and in turn this impacts what people get to know, like, and trust about you.

Have You Booked Your Appointment?

So make sure you schedule in some Me Time right now. Book it into your calendar as you would any other appointment and notice how you feel when you do. Most importantly DO NOT CANCEL THIS APPOINTMENT. It’s vital that you don’t break promises to yourself as it will have a very negative ripple effect in your life and lower your self-esteem. To pick up steam and momentum, decide you are going to give yourself the freedom you crave, and watch it come back to you tenfold!

Time is a non-renewable resource, use it wisely. This goes for you too. There is only one you and who you are makes a difference. Make and take the time for yourself. Do it now or schedule it in. This could really change your life!

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