Birthing a New Year

surreal wheel

Turning the Wheel

As we prepare for birthing a new year you may be feeling some contraction and expansion. Things have begun developing, unfolding, or progressing over this past year. Now with less than four weeks before we cross the threshold into 2022, you can consciously choose how you want to move through this transition space. Come to your new starting place in a gentle, yet powerful way as you turn the wheel and steady your direction. Allow me to be your Spiritual Midwife-to hold hope for new life and help you be present during the sometimes painful shifts. Consider it a labour of love:)

Contractions can feel like nudges of something inside of you is yet to be born. They might feel like you are shrinking and resistant to what is coming. Your energy might be dwindling now and bringing you to a gentle pause or a screaming halt. The etymology of contractions is to “draw together”. It’s a time to gather your energy and resources.

Read on to discover 6 ways to bring in the New Year from an integrated higher consciousness approach.

1.  Packing Your Medicine Bundle

What have you gained and accumulated over the last 12 months that you would like to carry forth into the new year? One way to think about the wisdom, insights, growth, and new ways of being in the world is “medicine”. Good medicine you can carry in your bundle to give you strength and re-source to live well and prosper.

What were some of the defining moments of the year for you? Those moments that gave you new insight and either strengthened the path you are on, or made you pivot. Can you list 5 of them?

Now imagine you are walking through a passageway and you notice 5 pillars alongside. Each representing one of those defining moments. As you walk and pass each one, pause and give thanks to each person, experience, situation, or a-ha moment that added to your life.

passageway pillars

2.  Releasing What No Longer Serves You

Perhaps there are projects you started and not yet brought to completion. Decide whether this is something you can now complete, or will continue to nourish its longer term growth. Don’t let it get stuck in the birth canal! This could lead to painful regrets later.

Maybe there are some things that have become a burden and weigh heavy in your heart and mind. Gently allow these situations and experiences to fall away and lighten the load so you can move with more ease and grace onto a new energy pathway.

3.  Shift Your Focus

Focus more on what engages your heart, frees your spirit, helps you understand your mind and activates you body’s energy and vitality.

Meditate and listen for guidance straight from Original Source. Become aware of your thoughts and let them pass through rather than getting attached or hooked into unhelpful thought patterns. Gently turn the wheel to keep moving in a good orderly direction, rather than spinning around in circles.

You can think about feeding yourself and your creations as “pre-natal care”. What will help you blossom into the beauty of your true nature? What qualities will you bring to the growth of the seeds you planted, ideas you conceived and projects you have begun to grow? How do you see others enjoying them?

Maybe you haven’t given much thought to all of what you’ve been creating. Perhaps you felt that things just keep happening, and that you don’t seem to have much control over it. This might feel like you are lost or drowning in it. Know that there are people willing and able to help you, reach out to them, ask for direction or to help you come up for some air. You don’t have to go through this alone!

4.  Calling for Reinforcements

Call your helpers forth and be open to their guidance. These helpers can be people you know, those who offer support and resources, neighbours, ministers, coaches, licensed professionals, body workers, lightworkers, healthcare providers, sangha, or even your guides, angels and source of Higher Power. Reach out.

outlook through cave

5.  Following Your Heart

From a higher perspective, as you get an overview of 2022, what do you wish to see? A wish is a clue to your heart’s desire. It can guide you to follow your heart, your bliss, and give rise to feelings of joy, happiness, innocence and a sense of excitement. What else is possible?

Connect with the things you enjoy, that soothes you and gives you comfort. Bringing presence to even the mundane tasks brings the spiritual quality into it.

making a wish

6.  Expanding Into New Ways of Being

Expansion supports an experience of growth. As you develop your awareness and ideas, you find that you can spread out more. You naturally allow yourself more room to grow, and give way for the new to enter. Open space and room to create are the gifts on offer with expansion. You no longer feel constricted by what no longer fits. There’s more freedom of movement, as long as you don’t decide to fill it up with more stuff that makes it less manageable. Give yourself room to breathe. Trust your inner resources and that you have all that you need.

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