Believe Anything Can Happen

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Believe Anything Can Happen

Believing in the idea that anything can happen sets the stage for wide open possibilities, expanded options, and room to expect the unexpected.

Examining your beliefs can draw awareness to what is be holding you back, and what is propelling you forward. Beliefs create thoughts that create action that create more beliefs that create thoughts that create action and well, you get the picture!

What we believe creates a self-perpetuating cycle that can keep us going in the same circles, however when we change our beliefs, we change our self-limiting patterns by changing the thoughts we project into our reality.

Believe in Yourself

My mother gave me a gift of a poem about believing in myself quite a number of years ago. I still have it. It’s a poem by Emily Matthews and I’d like to share it with you too.

Believe in yourself –
in the power you have
to control your own life, day by day,

Believe in the strength
that you have deep inside,
and your faith will help
show you the way.

Believe in tomorrow
and what it will bring –
let a hopeful heart carry you through,

for things will work out if you trust and believe
there’s no limit
to what you can do.

Believe in a Harmonious Earth

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How do you currently view the world? How would you like to envision the world?

The future I wish to help create is one is which life and each of our relations is treated as sacred. Also:

  • Reverence for life.

  • Global peace.

  • Health support for all.

  • Whole person-centered education.

  • Pure resonant technology.

  • Freedom of movement.

  • Love and respect for all through all.

  • Clear, clean, pure water.

  • Biodiversity for sustainability.

  • Clean air everywhere.

What kind of future are you helping to create?

Believe You Belong in This World

Are you yearning for a sense of belonging? A place to feel welcomed, accepted, safe, and free to express who you truly are? Most of my childhood, teen years, and to be honest, even much of my adult life, I felt alienated. Like I was misplaced, lost, or even displaced.

It’s been a long road of many choices and pivots. I spent over 20 years working in social service and government organizations before starting a soul-centered business.

Deep within, my “calling” was to support people during their times of soul reckoning. It took root in inspiring others to free their spirit to direct the life they were meant to live. Together we would activate the potential for living a life they loved and felt they belonged in. 

There is an anonymous saying going around that suggests, “When you were born in a world you don’t fit in; it’s because you were born to help create one.”

That’s right. You are here for a reason and a purpose to be the light for others. Not to try to “fit in”, rather to inspire a new way of being in the world.

You are so much more than the sum of your day-to-day parts and the roles you take in this life mean so much more than you know. Everything you do and say has a ripple effect that leaves the energy of your Spirit and a legacy behind that goes on to be remembered beyond your time on this Earth.

Looking back along your path what themes do you notice?

Believe You Can Create Impact

As I grew up and evolved, I found clarity and direction by asking myself, “Where would I have the greatest impact?”. “What would make life more satisfying?”.

Thirty years after deciding to write a book, I realized what I really wanted was to show people how to embrace their power and create spiritual legacy. It became a journaling guide, leading one on the path of authentic empowerment. “Embrace Your Power: A Healing Journal of Self-discovery” became it’s title and offers teachings, reflections, and prompts to dig deep within. You can learn more about it here.

Feedback on that book from several readers gave validation that through embracing my own power, I better support others on their life path. As Ram Dass explained, “We are all just walking each other home”.

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Do you, too, have a sense of your calling? What in you has yet to be born? Where can you best serve and have a greater impact?

What would make it possible for you to do the work you really want to do? What conditions would best support you in being able to express the best of what you have to offer?

Answering these questions may inspire you to create a new, empowered way of being in the world. A way to work or offer service that leads to freedom and fulfillment. This in turn will lead others you are meant to serve to an outcome only you can provide. I challenge you this week to reflect on that. And if you are ready to express that, comment below.

believe in yourself poem by emily matthews

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