Beating Self-Sabotage At Its Own Game

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Do you ever hear a voice in your head that makes you doubt yourself? It could be the voice of the saboteur, the one who thinks they can hold you back from reaching your goals by making you question everything. Self-sabotage is more common than you think and can keep you from living your best life.

We all want to be productive. In fact, you might even wake up in the morning with all kinds of enthusiasm for the projects you’re going to get done during the day.

Now fast forward a few hours, and suddenly you’re dragging yourself home at nightfall wondering where the day went, feeling like you never accomplished anything at all!

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Most people feel this way at least some of the time. The trick is to realize that this isn’t something entirely outside of your control.

Sure, things are going to happen, which derail you, but more often than not, you’re reaping the fruits of self-sabotage. You’ve derailed yourself, through your own negative self-talk. 

How to get past this? Start with the suggestions below.

5 Simple Strategies to Stop Self-sabotage in its Tracks

1. Listen to Music

It’s hard to get yourself going if your mood is what’s dragging. Thankfully this is a quick fix. Put on some music you love, something fast-paced and catchy for a quick pick-me-up and watch your productivity soar.

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2. Get up and Move

Like listening to music, and putting your body in motion will raise your energy and your spirits. Dance around the room, take a brisk walk or try a few jumping jacks to get the blood flowing. Then tackle your task again, wide-awake and energized.

3. Look Inward

Conversely, sometimes what you need is some quiet time. If you find your mind racing and yourself unable to concentrate on what you’re going, try meditation to slow things down. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths, nice and slow, and focus yourself on the present until you feel calm again.

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4. Remember Who You Are

Remind yourself of your strengths, and override any thoughts that lead you to think you are not good enough. A quote from Vincent Van Gogh states, “If you hear voices inside your head that says you are not a painter, then by all means paint! Then that voice will be silenced.” Acting on what inspires you overrides the imposter syndrome and gives you the momentum to thrive in your endeavours.

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5. Contribute

When all else fails, if you do not feel your work has value, offer to help someone else. Mentoring is one of those win-win situations where you bring your life skills and experience to help someone else who truly needs it. At the same time, you rediscover your passion through the act of teaching others what you know.

Do all this, and it’s good-bye self-sabotage, hello accomplishment. Soon you’ll be bursting with new energy and more productive than ever!

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