Balancing Hustle and Harmony for Lasting Success

balancing hustle and harmony

Being in the hustle of everyday real life it’s common to hear the refrain, “I’m so busy!”, “I’m feeling overwhelmed”, “There is so much I want to do!”, “I don’t have any time for that!”, “There is so much on my plate right now.” Which phrase do you often use when asked how you are or how things are going?

If you are a purpose-driven entrepreneur, multi-passionate professional or high-frequency overachiever, it can feel quite normal to be busy hustling, performing, and being productive all the time. So much so that you may not give any time to rest, play, dream, or reflect. That can become a dangerous game that leads to losing. Losing your inner drive, forgetting your “why”, losing precious sleep, and may have negative effects on your relationships, as well as your physical and mental health.

However it doesn’t have to be this way. The busy-ness of business can be much more fulfilling and overflow into those other life areas that may not always get the best version of you or your attention, so you can create better results all the way around.

fill your cup
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Shifting From Overdrive to Overflow

When you can align with what actually makes your heart sing and plan your day around what you love to do and who you like to do it with, there is a greater chance for a WIN and more balanced success. Why did I capitalize “WIN”? I did that because it may help your remember that when you focus on “What’s Important Now”, you can capitalize on using your time and energy directing your life in a way such that you experience greater freedom and fulfillment. Would you like that?

Focusing on what’s most important in the moment grounds you in what you are most about and creates balanced success as you shift from overdrive to overflow. You start to shift from hustle into harmony. The overflow comes from all the time and energy you claim back from when you had yourself in overdrive. Being in overdrive so much of the time means you are in an almost constant state of heightened activity (hustle), using much more energy and effort than what might actually be required.

Reduce the Hustle

Pushing yourself beyond your limits may demonstrate a high level of dedication. But it might also come at the cost of balance and well-being. This is not sustainable in the long run. It often leads to feeling overwhelmed and depleted.

It’s a common mistake to always be getting ready to be ready.  Or to strive to get somewhere and yet never really arriving. If you are in hustle all the time then you risk spreading yourself thin, become more stressed, anxious over not doing enough or getting things the way you want them to be despite your best efforts. When you are doing a lot of work and not getting much accomplished, it’s time to start looking at how you can start working smarter, rather than harder.

work smarter not harder
Image by Manuel Alejandro Leon from Pixabay

Work Smarter, Don’t Add More Hustle

Working smarter means finding a way for things to be effort-less. Not to say things are going to be easy, just that you exert less effort trying to get everything done. In other words, step out of poverty consciousness where there never seems to be enough. Instead, start operating from prosperity consciousness. Here, you have all the time and resources you need to accomplish your mission. This is where you really get to see your vision come alive.

Operating from this higher vibrational state, you start magnetizing. Give space to allow the people, places, and assets you need to come to you. Your focus shifts from what’s urgent to what’s important. In this way you have much more to gain, and a lot less to lose.

You also get to start living in alignment with your values. This allows you to express yourself and your work from the best version of yourself. By doing so, you become much more effective in each area of your life that is most important to you. What would life be like if you were motivated by love rather than fear? If you were acting on what you love, rather than racing and striving to avoid what you fear? What might be possible then?

One way to get started on the path of a more fulfilling life is to start noticing how you are currently spending your time. If it’s not how you’d like to be spending your time and energy, make some changes so that it does. This will enrich your life outside of work, and allow you to bring new energy into your work and be more productive as a result, which will further empower you, rather than drain you. Are you ready to shift from the hustle into harmony?


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