Authenticity Is Your Superpower

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Much of what we have learned about life came from the outside-in. From our parents, cultures, media and schools. They formed our beliefs and gave meaning to our actions, however often not in alignment with who we were inside. This set us up to constantly look outside ourselves for whatever we felt might be missing causing us to mis-take and mis-place our power. This article will explore how to make authenticity your superpower.

Knowing what gives you motivation and power, and how and where you use that power gives you the ultimate control of how to live your life.

You claim your power and authority by recognizing it, feeling comfortable with it, and then using it to create the life you want. This is how authenticity becomes your superpower.

Authenticity is Your Superpower

What makes you feel alive?

When do you feel most content?

Empowerment is being in a place of authenticity and walking your path with integrity. It is staying true to yourself and your values.

When you are feeling empowered it energizes you to do what what makes you feel most alive. Spirit moves you and life force flows through you. It allows you to hear your calling and follow your heart’s desires.

The less empowered you feel, the more you feel the need to control that which is external and this can lure your attention away from what can feed and nourish you. It also takes you away from what satisfies your needs, lowering your self-esteem and increasing your need for external support, validation, and approval to elevate your self-worth.

Do you honour or deny yourself? This is a personal choice and when recognized as such, it gives you back the power to choose how to show up and be in the world. Expressing your true self, is being honest, authentic, trustworthy and a person of integrity. This is authentic empowerment.

Healing Shame

Shame, whether felt, imposed upon you, or internalized may lead into a cycle of mentally wanting change yet emotionally fearing it. We all want to be seen and heard and yet many of us prefer to hide. Afraid to be seen and heard. What is it that you really fear? And what is beneath that? Journalling non-stop for a timed period (ex. 10min) as you ask this question will likely reveal some surprising answers,  “What keeps you from doing what you really want to do?”

So long as you use comfort and security as your criteria of success, you will fear your own intuitive guidance because by its very nature, it directs you into new cycles of growth that are sometimes uncomfortable. What would it take to relax and be you?

The Journey Into Authentic Empowerment

It is important to recognize the human need for balance and release ego’s need to be “superhuman”. To act from soul, you fully engage in the highest expression of your self, your gifts, and your abilities. This is spiritual sovereignty. Free your spirit to direct the life you are meant to live.

To live well and prosper is how you thrive to survive in today’s world. When a seed is planted, it can only grow into what it is blueprinted for. When this seed is nourished, and its needs are met, it can bloom into its fullest glory. You are not much different. You are meant to be who you came here to be and do what you were meant to do. Only you can do what you are meant to do. There is no one in the world that is you except you.

Dr. Seuss quote about being truest self

Never compare yourself to someone else, but do learn from their mistakes. And from their success. It’s also important not to compare yourself to what you used to do, or be like. You are always evolving and shapeshifting into different ways of being.

A Reason, A Season, or a Lifetime

We go through many changes and seasons in a lifetime. Many life chapters and in some cases even “books”. Authenticity is the common denominator in every one of those phases and is what empowers you through childhood, the teen years, adulthood, and gives you empowerment in retirement.

No matter what role you take or job you do, even if a million other people are doing the same role or job, no one can do it like you can. What you bring to that job or role is you. The power is in how you show up for that and the energy you emanate from your true essence of being.

Follow your intuitive guidance. If your work, in whatever form that currently takes, is not in energetic alignment, it will not feel good. When what you are doing is having the impact you desire, it will feel amazing. Keep going with what feels good. Acknowledge what doesn’t feel good and shift that into alignment. This is where the healing magic happens.

Healing realigns you with your soul and awakens your spirit. It brings about a sense of wholeness where you feel in harmony with the natural rhythms of life. In other words, healing is to rediscover your life purpose and come back into alignment with your True Self. Remember authenticity is your superpower!

authenticity is your superpower

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