At a Crossroads With Destiny

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The beginning of transformation is often a spiritual crisis or awakening that brings us awareness of what our soul needs. At this crossroads with destiny, you can start choosing ways that are life supportive for you, or live by default.

To keep on the spiritual path it’s important to focus on what nurtures, heals and guides you to fully engage in the highest expression of your self, your gifts, and your abilities.

There have been many “defining moments” in close to 50 years on this earth walk, and I’ll share three of the most significant with you.

At a Crossroads with Destiny-

Defining Moments

The Stop Sign

I was in a marriage with a partner who was ill, sick with chronic pain and addiction, and whom I loved at the time and wanted to support through those struggles. I also worked two jobs, took care of home and pets, and didn’t really participate in anything outside of those daily routines. The relationship took its toll as it became more and more dysfunctional. I was overstressed and feeling powerless to change the situation.

In a moment of desperation for peace, I left. I took one item that was most important to me in case I never returned, got in my car, and drove to the end of the road. I stopped at the stop sign wondering which way to turn. Where was I going to go? I had not thought of that, just that I needed to leave. Oftentimes, it’s only the first step that we can clearly see. Once we take it, the next one appears, and then the next and so on.

We get to where we need to go because we steer ourselves in that direction and do not always know every detail. I found myself tuning back to my Higher Power and asking for guidance. To be guided in the way I should go to feel safe, and then be led to the next step. I had faith that a companion spirit was with me leading me in each step. This was the beginning stage of transformation.

Accepting What Is

In the summer between my 3rd and 4th year of University I received devastating news that my father had passed away. I remember circling with my bike in the middle of the road wondering whether to return home or stay and complete my studies. Literally circling around with what I “should” do. The decision to return home seemed best at the time and before leaving the university, I asked for my 3 year degree unsure if I would ever return to finish my 4-year honours degree and thesis, and didn’t want to leave without having earned something.

I was granted that degree, honoured the space to grieve and help my mother. I later returned to complete my honours degree, actually with a much different focus for my thesis. And life is like that, it pivots, shapes, and shifts our perspective of reality.

Taking time to recognize what lessons, gifts and growth comes from any life-defining experiences is paramount. It’s a bridge to what was-is-and becoming and allows a re-alignment to our soul’s purpose.

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When you stand in the centre of your life you find balance.

Why Leave a Good Thing?

I had a fantastic, yet demanding job helping well over a hundred people on my caseload that needed all kinds of resources and support, held under an umbrella of a government corporation. I valued the mission to make a difference to every person every day and set an intention to get people who were lost in the system, “out”.  Many of them succeeded in new goals they set, once they knew someone cared about whether they did or not.

At the same time, I was feeling constricted in working in the “system” and wanted to expand on my horizons too. I moved to the other side of the country, and spent several weeks volunteering full-time with an amazing group of people who were all also going through a transformative time in their lives. I left a very secure job with amazing benefits and one of the best pensions on offer at the time, for something more valuable than money. To have greater impact and meet people soul-to-soul,, rather than role-to-role. It’s been a long rocky road trying to pave the way for that, however I have no regrets and continue on this road, gathering power in every pivot.

Don’t Get Trapped

Have you ever felt that you wanted to leave a situation but felt there was something that kept hooking you back in?

One definite “trap” I see people fall into and that I myself have tackled with is “wait and see”. This forces us to stay in situations way longer than we should, and to the detriment of our health and well-being. Often, it’s only once our health and well-being has deteriorated, that we finally start making the necessary changes.

don't get stuck

You CAN choose to fulfill destiny consciously, with intention, integrity, and impeccability. You CAN choose to honour your sacred path by living as your Soul intended. When you choose this, your life will expand in ways you would have never expected. It will open you up to more abundance, prosperity, and joy than you ever imagined!

Power in the Pivot

It’s been a long road of many choices and pivots. After encountering hundreds of people who were stuck, lost,or going through major life transitions, it became my mission to soothe the emotional upheaval and help them with a fresh start.

As I grew and evolved through a tremendous amount of deep inner work, I found clarity and direction by asking myself, “Where would I have the greatest impact?”. “What would make life more satisfying?”.

Who you are makes a difference. Now it’s time to decide what kind of difference YOU want to make. Will you choose your destined path? Or leave it up to fate? 

Will you choose your destined path? Or leave it up to fate? 

Soul-sapping struggles of that work due to constrictions inherent in working “in the system” really took a toll on my self-worth and physical health. I had to look at what else was possible so I chose to find something that ignited my passion. It also had to be something that gave me purpose.

Looking back along your path what themes do you notice?

Call back the Dreamer

live life deeply

Do you, too, have a sense of your calling? What in you has yet to be born? Where can you best serve and have a greater impact? Would you be disappointed if you didn’t answer this call?

signs for lost, found, searching
Are you feeling at a crossroads?

It’s hard to use logic because nothing makes sense anymore. Challenged by what you thought was true and right and then becoming disillusioned by it. You may no longer know what/who to trust or how discern the best outcome.

Would you be willing open to the possibility that we came into this life with a plan already established? A blueprint imprinted in our spiritual DNA. One that you can tap into by surrendering to Divine Will, higher forces or intuitive guidance. This would mean you don’t have to figure it all out! I’ll leave you with that to chew on.

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