Access Your Inner Guidance

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When it comes to accessing your inner guidance there are a few things to consider. One is knowing the channels in which to access it.

Engage your senses to help you awaken your innate wisdom. Engaging your senses increases your awareness and strengthens how you receive information and perceive the world around you.

Your spiritual senses, such as clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, allow you to access your inner guidance.

You can also access your inner guidance through journalling, spiritual practices, introspection, and even being around other people.

What is True Guidance?

Noticing how you feel and respond or react when around others is one way your inner guidance talks to you. It may be giving you information about that person or the truth about what that person is expressing. It can also help you discern whether they are authentic or a vibrational match for you.

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Your innate wisdom guides you in making the right decisions to support your highest life path. But how do you know when it is your inner guidance talking?

One way to tell is that it is always clear and positive. It acts as a wise parent, as well as your biggest cheerleader moving you beyond limitations. When you hear “voices” that judge you, create self-doubt, confusion, or are based in fear, you can bet that is not coming from your inner guidance system!

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Also, notice whether messages are coming from your heart, or from your mind. Your heart and chest area will feel expanded when you are connected with your innate wisdom and contract when there is an “untruth”. In that contraction, you just know something is not right.

You may experience more headaches when you are not connected with your inner guidance. This is because your crown chakra will be closed off, or your third eye is blocked.

Your mind will try to question or create logic and make sense of information, whereas your heart or gut will “just know”.

Practice Discernment

Begin practicing discernment by noticing the energy behind what you do. For example, notice when you are in flow experiencing grace and ease, and how that feels different to when you are trying to control a situation or feeling pushed to do something. This will help you to know when you are using inner guidance or a conditioned response by external influences you are trying to live up to.


Why Use Inner Guidance?

Accessing your inner guidance is a useful tool for making conscious choices that are aligned with who you know yourself deep down to be. It will help you expand and evolve along your life path.

Practice tapping into it daily, or even more often and you will find much more freedom and flow. You will also get to experience more fulfillment as you follow it with inspired action.

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  1. Thank-you for all of the teachings you send regularily. It is appreciated and helpful.

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