A More Adventurous Way to Live

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A More Adventurous Way to Live

Have you ever gone on a road trip? What do you feel as you prepare for it? Stress over what to pack? Excitement and enthusiasm for where you are headed? Joy and freedom as you “hit the road”? How you approach the road trip, may also be a way to approach life. Perhaps there is a more adventurous way to live.

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Preparing for a Trip of Your Life (literally)

If you were gearing up to embark on a trip of your life what would you pack? Would you be getting out every suitcase you own to fill it with everything you might need, or are you the type that throws a few things in a backpack and off you go?

There may be some things to eat, some things to wear, some safety supplies. It might also include a “medicine bundle” of your gifts, abilities, experiences, talismans, and training that supports you on your journey.

Another important consideration is what motivates you to take the trip or embark on a life journey? Are you driven to find people, places or things? Or yourself? Are you seeking solace, change of scenery, freedom, adventure? Maybe it’s just for thrills. One way to to have fun.

Reliable Transportation

The other thing to consider is having enough fuel. You may be fine with regular gas, others will go for premium and still others settle on the something in the middle. What kind of fuel do you operate within your body? In other words, what do you fill yourself up with?

What you consume will have a direct relationship with what fuels and drains you, and what sustains you. Moods and attitudes, as well as compromised systems will affect how well you are able to digest anything you consume. In other words, consuming food or substances, what you watch and listen to, people you interact with, things you carry around with you, ideas, beliefs and other information all contribute to your overall well-being. Choose premium fuel. It will increase the quality and also likely the length, of you life.

You may also decide to take a map or use a GPS to figure out your routes if you have already chosen a destination. Or perhaps you take one in case you get lost. You can also use a PGS- personal guidance system that helps you navigate the twists and turns life takes you on to get back on track or set your course. You may not be conscious of a plan in this case, maybe just an intention as a starting point (this is the way I like to travel).

Good tires is another consideration. It’s what holds up the vehicle and keeps it moving along with all the other parts. So, this means to have good tread and proper inflation. Air, prana, breath is of course, essential to live our life so we don’t crash and burn.

Travel Companions

Who would you be traveling with? Would you go solo, with a partner, family or friends? Maybe all become part of your journey at some point as all aspects offer an important contribution to what you learn and experience along the way.

Would you pick up a hitchhiker? This depends on your belief system, experiences and what other people think in the environment or culture you find yourself in. In some places it’s considered common place, where in others it’s absolutely forbidden or not recommended. Hitchhikers in a spiritual sense are what you might invite consciously or unintentionally into your life or that might attach themselves to you. Energies or entities that you “carry along for the ride”.

A More Adventurous Way to Live

A more adventurous way to live is to be exploring and investigating. Driven by curiousity, courage and willingness to live in your truth. And to consider -What else is possible? Are you willing to try new things?

How do you navigate life? I find in my own, I keep pivoting toward what felt true. When you keep what’s true in front of you, you don’t get lost that way. When I was a young child I loved reading Choose your own adventure books, a series by Anson Montgomery. You read a few pages then are asked to make a decision about which way to go or what you are going to do when faced by a particular dilemna.

Making the Right Decision

You would think that each decision would lead to a different outcome and yet, sometimes you would just take a different path to get to the same place. I can relate this to my current life in that there are many paths to take, each offering different experiences, and some choices would lead to a particular outcome.

Everything happens for a reason and leads us to exactly where we are meant to be, or the same outcome. We might just be given different ways of getting there, and of course some routes may take much longer than others. In every case, at each turning point (decision to make), we reorient ourselves, reset, recalibrate, and decide on our next move.

We don’t have to have this all figured out, and quite often just setting an intention or vision can set things in motion. Affirmations such as, “I am following my Soul’s highest path”, can also help to provide a sense of direction.

What is the greatest vision you have for your life? In other words, where do you want to go?

What do you want to pack in? Specifically, what do you still dream of becoming, doing, having?

dreams don't work unless you do

Be bold. Be daring. Maybe you just want to be out in the wild, and attune with your primal nature and instincts. I-ching describes Chaos as opportunity. 

chaos is another word for opportunity

Consider what else is possible. Consider a more adventurous way to live. 


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